NUPRIME IDA-16 Integrated Amp setup

Hello All!
I recently created a thread asking for some help with a receiver purchase to provide the best possible stereo audio listening experience. I currently have a Denon AVR 1300W powering B&W 705 S2's and a HTM71 S2 center. After help from the forum and some research my plan down the road my plan is to purchase a Marantz receiver.
For now I decided to purchase an integrated amp and again after careful research I decided to go with a NUPRIME IDA-16.
I just received it and I have absolutely no idea how to integrate this in with my current receiver.

What exactly do I need to do to be able to set this bad boy up?
From what I understand I just need to plug RCA interconnects from my PRE-OUT (L/R) on my AVR to the IDA-16, then plug the speakers into the IDA.
Is there anything else within the Denon settings that need to be setup? Will the IDA power the left and right at all times?
Is it okay if I set my receiver on top of the amp?
Which one you plug into which will depend on which one you intend to use the most as without a doubt the DAC in the Nuprime is better than the one in the Denon.  
If the majority of your listening is to music in stereo then I would plug the pre-outs of the Nuprime into the Denon and then just turn the Denon on for movies and to power the center  and hook the other gear into the Nuprime.  It really just depends on your usage and what your auxiliary gear is.  For stereo listening the Nuprime is going to beat the Denon in every way.  If the majority of your usage is for movies then do it the way you planned.  I would also try movies with just the left and rights connected to the Nuprime and see how that sounds.  After years of multi-channel set-ups in my FR I finally sold all that gear off and am running a pair of Spatial open baffle speakers with subs using a Nuprime DAC-10 and ST-10. 

I appreciate the response! My primary goal is maximum music quality. That being said the majority of use the speakers get is from the television or movies just because the system is hooked up in my living room.

How would I transmit music/movie audio to the IDA-16? The reason I use the Denon is to stream from my computer or phone.

Unlike any AVR I have ever owned yours has no main analog outputs at all only zone 2 and subouts so no way to connect it to the Nuprime that I see. Connecting it the other way is a waste of the Nuprime's capabilities.
@jackd How about the Marantz 6012? This is the AVR I was planning to wait on but will pull the trigger now if I need to.
Still no analog outputs and as Denon and Marantz are the same company not surprising.  If you only have the three speakers what are you using the AVR for other than the built in streamer and the center channel?
@jackd That's it I suppose. I stream music via bluetooth and I will connect my computer directly to the Denon via HDMI if I want to play Master Quality files from Tidal.
Once I move into a larger home my plan is to use a 5.1 surround sound so I will need an AVR for the rear and center channels.
I appreciate your help!!!
You can connect your computer to the Nuprime with USB instead of HDMI and if you are using a Windows computer or an Android phone you can buy a Chromecast to start with and connect it via optical to the Nuprime DAC for streaming.  For a bit more than the Chromecast would be an Aries Mini or the Bluesound Node 2.