Opinions on 4 Integrateds

I have a dual purpose 2 Channel/HT system using an HT bypass feature in my preamp. I like this kind of configuration. My listening preferences are 80% Music (LP's & CD's) and 20% HT (Movies & TV). Lately I have been thinking about how to up the 2 channel performance to the next level. I have a pair of Vienna Acoustics Bach Grands that I love and have no interest in replacing them with another speaker. So I thought of swapping my Parasound New Classic preamp & power amp with a good Integrated Amp. It must have an HT bypass feature. I have a separate phono preamp so this is not a requirement. Here is the short list I have come up with and would like opinions on each of these amps from folks you know them well.

Marantz PM15S2LE - top of my list as I have heard it and am very impressed. I do not question its performance. My concern is that its MSRP is more than the MSRP of my speakers. Guess I am old school and believe the speakers should cost more that the amp driving them. I am worried that if I purchased this amp, it would force an upgrade spiral with my speakers. Something I would like to avoid. Any thoughts on this?

Arcam A38 - same concern as the Marantz; it costs more than the speakers. Also, I cannot find published specs into 4 Ohms across the full bandwidth. Only 1kHz. Anyone know if its power output would be sufficient for my speakers?

Creek Evolution 5350 SE - price OK. Same concern about power as the Arcam. Any comments?

Music Hall a70.2 - this is the lowest priced amp at $1500 and a real dark horse. It appears to be a true dual mono design and looks like a beast at 125 wpc into 8; 180 wpc into 4. I have no doubt this amp will get the jop done. But I cannot seem to find a single review, critical or otherwise, about it. Does anyone have anything to share about this amp? It looks like a real sleeper.

Again, improved 2 channel sound is the goal. Or am I better off sticking with my Parasound 2100 pre and 5125 theater amp? Thanks in advance.
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IMO the Arcam A38 should have the best synergy with the VA Bach. I do think the Bach deserves a better amp then the 4 mentioned. An Atoll-IN200-Krell-400xi and Primare-I31 have synergy-power and current to get much more out of the VA Bach. The Atoll and Primare are true dual mono designs(toroidal transformer for each channel).
As you like the Marantz PM15S2LE , consider the Marantz PM8004. Much
like the 15S2LE, but with a list price of $1000.00. This unit is built solid
and sounds sweet. Current means more than watts alone, and will drive
your speakers well. Comes with a three year warranty too boot.

Be it improvement or even just change of pace, it is all fun. Happy hunting.
I would think you would have more flexibility to get where you want to be by staying with separates. Lots of SS or Tube Pres with HT Bypass to choose from. Then, if that change doesn't float your boat, move on to changing the amp.

What is it you don't like or want to change now over what you have? Or, is it simply time for a "change"?

If you really want to stick with an integrated...I'm a big fan of Musical Fidelity. They have several choices of integrateds that have HT Bypass.
Thank you all for your valued input regarding opinions on some of the 4 integrated amps I sited. It was good hearing about the Arcam and Marantz models.

Does anyone have any thing to share about the Creek Evolution 5350 SE and especially the Music Hall A70.2? The Music Hall really intrigues me with its dual mono design, two torroids and overall specs. I am hoping to hear from someone who actually has one to see if it lives up to the specs it posts on paper. Again, I will be driving Vienna Acoustic Bach Grands, 4 Ohm nominal and 90db sensitivity. Do you think the Creek or Music Hall are up to the task?

Thanks in advance.
Take a look at the Harman Kardon hk 990. This integrated has some nice features not found in most integrated amps and its a beast. Very favorable reviews to boot.
Paraneer-I have read two many blogs claiming Creek amps don't like being pushed hard. I think there are many better choices(quality) then Music Hall. The VA Bach and Magnepan MMG are clearly(IMO) the best entry level HEA floorstanders out there. Don't let the price of the speaker determine what amp is used.
Thanks Dayglow. Sounds like the Creek will not have what it takes; the Music Hall not up to quality standards. I appreciate the opinion you gave on the on the Arcam earlier as that was on my list. I'll have to research the others you mention and hope they have HT bypass feature as that is a must.

Also, you address my concern about the amp possibly costing more than the speakers I am driving. Again, old school attitude and I am just trying to avoid having to upgrade the Bachs anytime soon. This still makes the Marantz PM15S2 really attractive to me...
Glenfihi, I know you recommended the PM8004 and it is a great amp; I know it well but I just prefer the aesthetics of the Reference model.

EricT...I like the way my separates perform just fine. The Parasound 5125 does a real good job getting the Bachs to sing. I am just hoping to reduce pieces of equipment and cabling in my installation - its getting crowded. Also hoping to refine the preamp section by going to a better integrated vs. the entry level Parasound New Classic stuff I have now. If this is possible. Thats why I am looking foropinions in the 4 units I mentioned along with any others you can think of that will meet the criteria.

Finally, what does HEA stand for Dayglow?
Paraneer-HEA is just a lazy way of saying high end audio! My concern with the Marantz is they have a "soft" sound matched with the "polite" VA Bach you could have overkill.