Integrated or receiver or separates advice sought


It's been a while, but I'd like to upgrade the amplification part of my system as I've recently returned from some time in Afghanistan.

Currently, the system comprises an Arcam FMJ 27 DVD player as source, a NAD 7250PE receiver, and Linn Helix 2 loudspeakers with the ku-stone stands, with Naim NACA5 speaker cable. The NAD is starting to fade, hence replacing it first. The room is our living room, about 16x12, but the speakers effectively load most of the house.

I've been up and down the Linn and Naim ladders in the past, topping out with a Naim CDS/52/active 250/SBL system, and started a LONG time ago with an original Naim Nait. I've also had, and enjoyed, different bits of Linn gear - the LK1/LK280, Kairn, LK100 (OK, didn't enjoy the LK100 as much . . . ), etc.

I've been kind of going around and around - my wife finally said to "please fix the stereo so it doesn't fade in and out, etc." Her two requirements are standard: Remote control, and not TOO hideous. I've also sold a LOT of Rotel when I was in the business a long time ago, and I'm confident it's still a good line.

I've thought about the Rotel RX-1050, an Arcam HT receiver (I'm two channel only, so a bit of a waste), an NAD 7400 or similar, as well as a Linn combo along the lines of a Kudos or Pekin tuner, Wakonda/Kolektor preamp, LK85 or LK140 amp, etc., as well a Majik integrated. I'm trying to stay around $1K USD, or I'd just go get a Naim Uniti or SuperUniti - alas, they're a bit out of the budget for the moment.

I'd welcome your input!
Lind -

Yep. I've been around a while . . . and mostly out of hifi for a few years. Hence the question.
If you know you like naim I'd get that. The 5i is right in your price range.
Those older Linn preamps can be troublesome. I'm talking about the models with switching power supplies.
As for Linn amps, I'd look at the AV5105 instead of the two you mention.
Good luck with the search and a big thanks for your service.
First WELCOME HOME and thank you for your service :-)

+1 for the Naim 5i. Since the Uniti 2 has been released the Uniti has come down a bit in the pre owned market.
You can easily get a used Creek 5350SE with your budget. That would be my first choice. I've had the Nait 5i as well. Its very overrated. There's not 1 thing it can do as well, or better than the Creek. It also has a lot more useful features.
+1 on the recommendation of the Creek 5350 SE. I would suggest finding a gently used Arcam A28 integrated amp too. Very nice amp and specs for the money. If unable to find either of these at your stated budget, I would also suggest you take a look at the Marantz PM8004 integrated too. This is not a run of mill Marantz. It is built in Japan at their reference factory from all high quality, discrete parts and not afraid to post its true numbers - 70 wpc at 8 ohm, 100 wpc at 4, 25 amps peak current capacility and >100 damping factor. This amps performance is a bargain at 1000K, and some smart shopping can find it for even less.

WRT to Naim, I am aware of the mystique and do not want to knock them. I am happy that many Naim owners are happy. But I just don't get it. I really want too and have listened to them, but sorry to say, I just don't get it.