Integrated Amplifier for Paradigm Signature S4

My friend is still looking for a good Amplifier for his
Paradigm Signature S4 Speakers. Somebody told him that
Accuphase E-213 would sound nice. We tried with Luxman L505u
and Jeff Rowland Capri & 102 Amp, it just didn't sound right.
Also, He was told that Parasound Amps mated with Rogue Audio
Perseus (tube preamp) would sound great.
Any opinions would be appreciated.
Pass 400xi, Cary SLI80, Bryston, McIntosh
Almost any quality amp will make them sing. Consider the REGA int amp line. A lot less money than their performance would indicate. The Brio would be a great choice. Anthem stuff would be a good call.
Macdadtexas, Mst Thanks a lot for reply
What about Bryston B60. Sixty watts per channel should be
enough to drive the Paradigms.
I like the Cary SLI80 the best, but you can get a Bryston with an internal DAC and MM Phono stage, and that's hard to beat for convenience, and they sound wonderful. I also love the MAC integrateds that have a phono section.

But the Brytson, that may be the ticket.

Good luck.
Try the LSA Standard or Signature Integrated amp.
The Cary SLI-80 of the Rogue Cronus Magnum (for more power). Bothe great amps, big difference in price. Great customer service with both, Rogue probably being the better service of the two.
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NAD M3 - it has a built in crossover to seamlessly add a sub - which at some point I bet you will want to do.
Hello Bob reynolds
Sound with Jeff Rowland was so sterile, some instruments
were missing and the bass was weird.
Bryson would be great. I use a smaller Paradigm studio speaker for my office and run it off a 12 watt tubed amp without issues. Very nice sound and control. Tubes would be ok imho.
Our Paradigm dealer uses Rega amps to drive their range of speakers. Great sound.
Yesterday, My friend brought Rogue Audio Perseus and
Parasound model 275 power Amp connected with straight wire
interconnects. What a sound. I couldn't believe that
Paradigms can sound that great. Almost like mine Luxman so
most likely he will go with that combination