Integrated amp and low sensitivity speakers


I am looking for a used integrated amp that has the ability to handle speakers with low sensitivity. Budget is 700.00 to 1000.00.

I have owned several amps but nothing has really grabbed me:

Onkyo a9555 - Was just ok for me, nothing special
Outlaw – Build quality issue
Bryston b60 - Just not enough power, Not enough bass
Sansui au 717 –Was just ok for me, nothing special

I have researched:

Rega - Mira-Bro
Creek 5330
Plinius 8100 (Looks good on paper)

My concern is the amps listed above just do not have enough power our current and would limit my choice for speakers.
What speakers do you have in mind? A list of potentials would help folks help you,maybe.
Speakers considered but not limited to (Most likely monitors but may move to floor standing at later date):

Von Schweikert
Monitor audio
Choose your speakers first.
Aragon 8008BB or even 8008 -$800-1000.
I did think of that Unsound, and have auditioned speakers, However in the audition process the speakers are powered by equipment well above my budget. At this point I am thinking of purchasing a well rounded int. amp and purchasing used speakers I liked or wanted to try. Most of the speakers I prefer require some decent power and current. Thanks for your input.
buy speakers and them come back to the forum.
I'm with the buy speakers first, group. I've had plenty of speakers over the years that needed more power than I had on hand. I was still happy with their sound, and a lot more so, when I got them a bigger amp. Dealers will use larger amps than needed at times, to cover all the speakers they carry (in store) needs.
Thanks for the advice, I will re-evaluate my speaker choice and get back out and take another listen.
Maybe you can slip in some used Simaudio for that price.

I haven't heard Monitor Audio speakers, but I am familiar with the other brands. None of them are necessarily difficult to drive. For instance, the Totem Arros sound amazing with a Jolida 302b (a 45-ish watt tube integrated in your price range). PSB Stratus Mini's or Silvers or a Von Schweikert VR-2 can be appropriately driven by a similar amp, as well.

Depending on which speaker you choose, you could be well-served by a modest powered integrated, the Jolida 302b being just one example.

Plinius 8100 is a great choice also Krell KAV300I. Worth waiting for another $200 to ad to your budget. For the speakers you've mentioned these two are excellent.