Infinity Alpha 25es - Approximate Value Inquiry

Good morning, everyone,

New user to Audiogon! Just had a quick I have been looking to complete my Infinity Alpha setup that I purchased years ago (composed of Alpha 50s, 20s, 37c), and have been on the lookout for a pair of the rare 25es speakers.  Recently, I have had an opportunity to purchase these - however, I am unsure of what these speakers would value at ($699.00 retail about 15 years ago).  The condition of these speakers is pristine - 10/10 looks/functionality.

Would anyone have a fair ballpark figure that I should making an offer at? Or is there another site that I may be able to obtain this information? 

Thank you in advance for your time!

eBay completed/sold listings only shows one recent sale. Sold today for $389. Black pair, listed as Immaculate condition. Any chance you were the buyer?