RS Audio Illume Interconnect inquiry

I 'may' want to replace my Homegrown Audio Silver Lace with the RS Audio Illume silver interconnect with Eichmann Silver plugs (RCA's)
Im very interested to hear if anyone has tried this cable or the Eichmann silver plug on another silver interconnect.
Hi David,
I have a pair of these exact cables between my Herron preamp and KR Audio amp. This is a really fine cable and a super value, it replaced a pair of Kimber KCAG's at 4x the price with pretty equivalent sound quality. I think those silver bullets really help improve the sound, I have another pair of copper cables with regular bullet plugs and they also sound fantastic. These cables are well worth checking out, besides I think there's a money-back guarantee. Furthermore, all of my future cables will be terminated with bullet plugs if at all possible.
Hi. I have a borrowed pair of KCAG and was thinking of getting the RS Audio Solid Silver with gold plated RCA plug. I really liked the KCAG but did find it makes a smaller soundstage especially the width. I would very much like to hear Jond's view on these 2 i/c. Thanks.