TT inquiry

Looking at TTs in the $500, or so, area. Pondering the new Pioneer DD, Project Debut and Rega RP1. Kindly advise of your thoughts on these, and any other, brands/models you like. Given it's a TT, I'm thinking new rather than used.
There's a thread currently running, it's so funny he's asking about the same TT's.

The Pioneer PLX-1000 looks awesome, see if you can get an audition; I know Guitar Center carries them. Also many members like the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC; seems to be the most popular budget table due to it's speed control and Ortofon 2M Red cartridge included.
I auditioned a few Rega models and the RP1 looks and feels entry-level; very lightweight with no tonearm adjustment.

Have you owned TT's before? With an entry level table, you usually end up upgrading the cartridge and platter. If you are really into spinning vinyl, you would be happier moving up to the next level of TT.
Of the 3 TTs that you list, I would opt for the Pioneer or two others that are essentially the same TT ... the Stanton ST 150 or Audio Technica LP 1240. These are all examples of what are referred to as Super OEM TTs, which are TTs based on the Technics 1200 and manufactured by Hanpin.

If you go to the thread that Lowrider refers to, I detailed my experiences that started with the Debut Carbon and ended (happily) with the Stanton.

Visit a store like Guitar Center or any place that caters to Pro Sound/ DJ equipment and audition the Pioneer.

You will ultimately upgrade the cartridge as DJ cartridges are not quite up to audiophile standards, but that is ultimately small potatoes. For $35 you can get a winner like the Shure SC35C or opt for something by Audio Technica or Denon or Grado or Ortofon. You may also want to purchase a dust cover like this one for $70.

I think if you go the next level up and are buying new, you are in the $1500 range and would be looking at tables like the VPI Traveller.

Your lucky day. Try the U-Turn Orbit Plus, available directly from At $309 you can't go wrong, especially since you can send it back. Its affordable and focused on quality sound. Why spend more?