In wall speaker help!

Hi all. So I am about to embark on a room renovation that will include in wall cabling that will connect stereo equipment on on end of the room to speakers on the other end.  Cabling will run approx 50 ft, up one wall, accross the ceiling and down the other wall with approx 5 ft extra on each end.  Equipment is coming together, but hoping for Devore o96 powered by a mc ma352.  Also putting a Jl f113 sub into one corner.  

so what I think I need is in wall code grade (sorry if I have the terms wrong), 12 awg cabling for the passive speakers, and in wall rated rca cable for the sub (I think I need left and right rcas). Based on other posts I have read, blue Jean or mono price might be a place to look? Transparent also has come up in discussions.  

where would you all start the thought process.  It’s a dream system for me, but not as high end as a lot of systems here.  I’m not sure I have the ear for minute differences but want to put as good as I can afford into the system. 

thanks for help here and all the help in the past. 


Or run XLRs to the back and put an amp closer?
Or use powered (active) speakers.
Or run conduit and suck through whatever wires you need later on with a vacuum.

I would do what I could to make it easier to change things later, and 50’ is a long speaker cable.

The Mogami cable is also pretty good and you could run a 4 core, and then split into two pairs. 

Yes, you want in-wall fire rated.

For the sub I'd go with balanced if you have a choice.  XLR wall plates. 

For signal and speaker cables Belden or Mogami are the brands I'd trust here.

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Please reach our to us

We are a very high end two channel shop and custom installer

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We would recommend another solution your idea of using a very high end

loudspeakers and running very long cables is not a good one you are trying to make a high end system into lifestyle system it won’t work.

The devores for one will need to be pulled off the Wall and you will need eoom ro position them room to position the speakers


There are very high end inwalls from focal kef

And dali they will work better


As per speaker cable wireworld makes an inwall versiionof there Oasis it is fantastic 5 per foot cable which is the same cable they sell preterminated for alot more money.

We can even recommend inwall subs from a company that you probably don’t know about they produce very tight deep bass.and outperform any inwall subs from other firms








If sourcing cable from Blue Jeans, I MUCH preferred the Canare 4S11 over the Belden speaker cables, night and day difference, I still have both.

In my system the Belden had the proverbial blanket over the speakers effect.