Impedance issue, or no issues at all? 'Placette buffer'


I want to know if there is some merit upgrading my Placette buffer with a permanent battery. I hope someone can give me some unbiased insight. 

The placette buffer is fixing impedance issues. So if your preamp/source  and your amplifier ratio is off. This device fixes this problem. 

The buffer I had for awhile and recently a friend made a makeshift battery powered setup for the placette. Which I borrowed for a couple of days. It wasn't actually child save, but okay. At the time I was listening to 

Sphinx project 8 preamp: 10 ohm  (new) 
Yamaha AST-A10 amp: 4.4k ohm I think
Wadia 9 dac
Ian canada rig
Duntech Black Knights 

I know my system very well. And my normal amplifier is away for the moment. But hooking the placette in, everything changed. The difference with the Placette was probably the single biggest positive change I have heard ever. Wall off sound, insane bass, insane speed??? How is this possible? 

My question is: I have been told that 
If the ratio is good between preamp and amplifier this device will add nothing, only be an extra circuit. But i want to have some 2nd opinion :) 

My 'regular amp' has an input impedance of 75k ohms

Do you think that the placette buffer can sprinkle it's magic? Does it unlock my regular amp even more? Shall I buy my own batteries and make a better enclosure etc? Or is this a waste of money? 

Placette buffer or  Placette active buffer

No info/specs to be found on this

Cheers George
If the ratio is good between preamp and amplifier this device will add nothing
Some here agree with that statement but others of us hear it differently.  A buffer should not be needed if you use an active preamp.  The need for buffers came about from the use of passive volume controls (or passive preamps) and from DAC-direct solutions where the DAC contains an internal volume control and can be directly connected to the amplifier(s).  Those who use buffers typically report similar results to what you hear, with more tonal color and depth, better bass, and an overall more robust sound. 
Contact Placette on how best to address your battery issue, or whether you might add a LPS to power the unit.