Im putting together a system and need help

Hi there, Where to start. I have a reasonable budget and some decent gear to start. I hit hard Times and sold most of my gear and am looking to rebuild my system.

I mostly listen to older bluesy rock but also listen to hip-hop funk rap, not so much the typical audiophile stuff. I love tubes but cant afford what I want.

So heres what I have left after selling my nice little system

Equitech Son of Q, Furman Elite 20
Parasound Halo A23 Amp
B&W 804 Series 3
MIT 330 shotgun, 330+ an T2 interconnects
QED Silver anniversery Speaker Cables
2 nordost Magus Power Cables

As you can see I need a Preamp, CD player, USB DAC (I use AIFF Computer Audio) and Subwoofer.

As far as amplification goes I have the Halo A23 and was thinking of getting another to bridge it to 400 watts.

I would like to buy a Conrad Johnson PV11 but am poor and am thinking $450 should I get their PF-1L for now? whats good for cheap. if its $600 ill just spend $200 more for a PV11 but I need something to get me by.

I was looking into the velodyne HGS 15 or 18 with a broken amp as velodyne just 2 hours away or a paradigm servo 15.

as far as dacs I like the PS Audio Digital link III as it can me modifeid by underwood HIFI and looks good.

I am looking for solid reliablity and as much customer service I can get while still getting some great sounding gear. Also as much that is local to the SF BAY area as possible.

Please any and all advice will be very much appreciated and well listened to and researched. For the record im 26 and back on a budget and really need to redo my system.

Oh do you know of any rock solid DVD Players that weigh 30+ pounds that dont have HDMI so lthey lost all there value but will still make a great transport (Id get the 5910CI but its still $800

Oh and one more thing as far as subwoofers go. In my car I have 2 Focal/JM Labs Utopia 11" subwoofers in custom fiberglass boxes with a Diamond/Esoteric Audio D7402 Amp which retailed at $3500 in the mid 90's. How would that do If i hooked them up to a car battery with a charger and eliminated the wall noise. While its 12 volt if i hooked it up to a car battery it can pull i believe 160 Amps of current. Its rated at 400 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms in Class AB. The boxes were made by one of most respected installation companies in the business. Any way they would be ugly but the boxes were $600 a piece and the drivers were 1400 each. Would i better of going home audio sub. It seems like my amp is about as awesome of a sub amp as ill find and it has a built in crossover. Oh when the subs were made the drivers were the fastest ever made and the 13" version is in the 15K Talon Thunderbird Sub (with the most awesome box almost ever built).

Lots of questions

Thanks again, Toby
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You listen to hip-hop and rap?
Yes i do I mainly listen to old rock but yeah i love old school rap and hip-hop based mostly in the 80's and 90's. Mostly what i am trying to accomplish is a high power system that pushes musicality more than anything.

And I am very serious about my subwoofer question
Car Audio 11" Focal Utopia woofers in custom Fiberglass boxes VS What powered sub I can pick up for less than 1100 used thats reliable and ideally has a class AB amplifier.

It isnt the music you love, Its the love of music.

thanks again.
Oh you should appreciate that Stereo equipment is actually being bought a younger generation outside of HTIB's and Junk car stereo that will destroy your hearing and vehicle (yes I do have an awesome car stereo but its not built on being loud unlike most) If more follow my trend and actually go stereo (believe or not a few of my friends know what tubes are and appreciate them) sales might go up allowing more work and jobs in the industry and in order to make a youthful market want to buy a better product companies might actually start offering better customer service, better warranties that will be honored and fixed in a TIMELY manner IE Harmon.

I apologize but cmon you made me almost feel like i dont belong here because I dont listen to Norah Jones or Diana Krall. I appreciate them, but it wont be likely ill buy there album or listen to it in my home or car.

Anyway thanks again and I appreciate all the members on audiogon and any help with regards to my system the only pieces I am very set on keeping are my Equitech son of Q and my B&W 804's. Be well and keep enjoying the music
I am not too familiar with your preamp choices. If you could find a Classe CP 35 it should be in your budget and should be plenty good to get you by. I have previously owned the Paradigm Servo 15 V1 which would fall well within your budget and is very good. I personally would leave a car stereo like that alone. I believe a Denon 3910 would fall within your budget for DVD and there are plenty of companies that will upgrade it later on for you. I own an Upgrade Company modded 3910 and it is very, very good. I am sure there are many other options out there. Good luck in your search and don't let anyone deter you from posting or asking questions here.
thanks a million, The denon 3910 is basicly running against a 3800BDCI, Im curious as to which one to go with price is about the same and i am using a DAC. The CP35 looks nice and is definetly worth a listen. Thanks again for the input
none of your stuff will work togeather... send it to me and i will suffer listening to all this junk,,ha. wish i was 26 with this gear,,thanks john ps,,, get the best source you can.