Putting a Triode Tube in the MD90 Tuner

Hi Folks,
Well I've had an eventful past few weeks as an ELKO filter blew in my Emitter II amplifier, but the ASR designer has done nothing short of treating me just like royalty. Anyway, I was wondering whether or not sending my MD 90 tuner to Magnum Dynalab so that they could switch out the circuit board and put in a tube would make an audible difference that's worth $700.00. For another $180.00, they'll silver plate the outputs. My current components are an AYRE QB9 DAC, Quad 2905 speakers, Monitor Audio GS10 speakers, ASR Basis Exclusive phono stage, a fun THORENS TD145 turntable project, ASR Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue, the Magnum Dynalab 90 tuner and various cables from High Diamond, Audioquest and WireWorld.