Ikemi owners?

Hello all,
I recently bought a used Ikemi player that was never used.
It plays all commercial CDs beautifully well but becomes very inconsistent when playing CDRs. It won't play many even though the total time and songs is displayed! When it does play a CDRs, the Ikemi struggles finding tracks (forward or backward), usually gets stuck and stops. The same CDRs sometimes play, sometimes don't! Some songs can sometimes be accessed with forward/backward, sometimes not!...
Has anyone else experience similar behavior with the Ikemi? or is it simply in its nature?
I forgot to mention my CDRs are burned from itune on a Mac and I use middle of the road silver Memorex discs, if it is of any relevance...
Any feedback will be highly appreciated, thanks in advance,

The first, obvious thing to ask is: Have you tried other brands of CDRs and had the same problem?
I used to have a Mimik, had the same problem with cdr's, reason I sold it, don't know if they use the same drive.
I had an Ikemi for years and loved it. It played CDR's with no problem. Since it has never been played I would first suspect that there may be dust on the lens.
I've never had issues with various brands of CDR's with a Mimik I used to have. However, the Mimik and Genki use a Philips transport. The Ikemi uses Linn's proprietary transport mechanism.

My first thought is that it is the brand of CDR's. Linn specifically says that the transport should play all CD's UNLESS the spec of the physical CD is not standard. So try different brands of CDR's. If it occurs with other CDR's, then I would start to get more worried.
My Ikemi was skipping on some discs but played most just fine. (commercial not burned)
I had it cleaned and the laser realigned and it worked flawlessly on all discs after that. I only have 1 cdr burned from a mac by a friend and it plays as it should.
I had a similar issue when I first purchase it but my dealer sent it to Linn for service. you should contact Linn to arrange for service.