If you still spin CD's their is a reference level Transport for reasonable money

I just got in-house the Jay's Audio CDT-2 MK3 transport to review for hometheaterreview.com.  The build quality and physical appearance make it hard to believe that it retails for around $2,400.  Right out of the crate not even broken in yet, it's out performing my CEC double belt transport in the reference system.  It retains all the liquidity and analog smoothness of the belt driven transport but offers more details, tighter bass frequencies, and a larger layered soundstage with more air between the players.

Alvin, of Vinshine Audio set this review up with me, so if you go to his website you can get a lot more details/pictures on this transport.  The reason I was motivated to review a CD transport was I received scores of requests from my readers asking what is a great sounding transport, for a reasonable amount of money.  So far, in spades the Jay's Audio CDT-2 MK3 fits the bill easily.   

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Sedgwick, that is in Singapore dollars. In US dollars $3645.15

lordcloud good luck with your search!
Hey Mike, Let us know how the I2s works between the transport and the Denafrips terminator dac. I think it suppose to be the best input for the Terminator.

I use the Terminator with the PS Audio Memory Player using the I2s connections and it sounds really good. 
Hi Audiolabyrinth, I also use a platinum starlight hdmi. I have a directstream dac and denafrips terminator. I perfer the terminator with redbook cd’s.

Teajay, if you didn’t use the I2s output to your dac, then you didn’t hear the memory transport at it’s best, imho.
lordcloud, I have the a Terminator and CDT2-mk.2 transport using the I2s connections and the pairing is excellent.
I like it much better then my PS Audio Memory player and Directstream DAC combo.
The Terminator is open, has great prat, and dynamic with very good micro and macro detail. I think it is transparent and not colored. What it isn't is dry, thin, sterile, and fatiguing. 
Tonally, it sounds natural with nice texture and has some meat on the bones  (which to me is how a lot of acoustic instruments sound) but still has bite when a trumpet is blown harder, IMHO.  

Lordcloud, you mentioned some excellent DACs but, at a much higher price point. 
I heard the original Aqua Formula and I think the Terminator was very close. I'm sure the updated Formula xHD surpassed the older one but it is $17,000 now.
I'm sure you'll be thrilled with the Termy it's built like a tank and sounds wonderful.
Let us knew how you like it. Give it a couple hundred hours for break-in it gets better with more time.

Hi bigkidz (Peter),
I have one and it is built like a tank and sounds much better than my Directstream Transport.

Give me a call if you want to check it out. I also purchased a First Watt SIT-3 amp. Which sounds great with my speakers.

I’m the guy who’s system bigkidz heard.
First off, we used two different inputs so we are comparing apples to oranges.
Between the Jays transport and the Terminator I use a HDMI Wireworld Platinum cable.
 With Metronome we used a Cerious Technologies digital coax.

I thought the hdmi sounded more open and livelier but, had a more upfront presentation.

When we used the digital coax with the Jay’s and Termi it also sounded pretty similar the the Metronome and Termi pairing. It became smoother, had a  deeper soundstage but the Jay’s was more dynamic and had more air.

Difference of opinion. I don’t think the Metronome was better just a little different presentation. 

Both were excellent. If you can get the Metronome used for a good price you’ll get a hell of a transport.

IMO,  the Jay’s is just as good, maybe even better and you can get it new plus it is built like a tank.