If you like Levon Helm

Okay,I know Levon Helm's voice and music is an aquired taste. Myself and a lot of other people happen to like it.I have really been enjoying his two latest releases "Dirt Farmer" a mostly acoustic recording and "Electric Dirt" the follow up and mostly ,as the title hints, electric recording.His voice is really strong,the throat cancer ain't licked him yet.The playing is stellar.The sound quality is great.If you like Levon or roots type music check them out.
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Additionally both Larry Campbell and Levon's daughter, Amy, are terrific on this album.

The vinyl release is wonderful.
...and if you get the chance, see Levon's group live. I was lucky enough to be on the side of the stage for one of his shows this year and on one tune, they really managed to capture the "sound" of The Band circa 1975. That amazed me. Jimmy Vivino was on guitar and Brian Mitchell on accordian/keys.
Big fan! Never realized how much he influenced the sound of The Band.
Chazro, That's probably because Robbie Robertson always took credit for everything The Band did.The other guys just wanted to make music and did'nt make a big deal about it.I have read and heard interviews with Robertson and he more or less said that "He was The Band".I guess Levon,Rick,Garth and Richard just stood around twiddling their thumbs!!We all know better than that.
I will take levon over robertson and his ego any day of the week.
Levon likes to party up here in Maine ;)
Levon's two excellent solo albums have more of the sound and feel of The Band than any other member's solo work. One yearns for Robertson and Hudson to visit his barn.