IC for Moon/Revel

Need an advice for ICs. Present system is:
NAD C541i
yet some old-cheapo-Monster-interconnects
Moon i-5
AZ Satori
Revel M20

Both Moon and Revels are quite revealing and on neutral (some cold) side. When I got Satori, I experienced more pleasant bass, and a little (not enough though) softened highs. I want to extend Satoi's effect a little more, especially in regards to highs, which are still a little (I mean a little) too bright. Some warmer sound would be appreciated, but I don't want to sacrifice resolution /details /soundstage for warmth.
I don't know anything about your cdp, but your IC should be the very best you can afford comfortably, and in balance, obviously with your system. That IC you are using is killing what could be a nice sounding system. I use the Golden Cardas Reference and love 'em. That IC works well with the sweetness of my SS amp and, the same, with my cdp. You may want to try the Golden Cross. I, too, have the M20s but with quite different electronics and front end. That front end may be hurting. Don't know, as I said, a thing about NAD first hand/ear. I hope you have those M20s sitting on stands other than Revel's. The Revel stands are mediocre at best. It is difficult to make a suggestion on an IC to solve your problem, when the problem may be in your front end or amp. Let's see where we go from here. peace, warren
Thanks Warren, it isn't really a problem, but a 'wish for improvement' :).
I saw too many opinions that NAD c541i is not that bad, and to get a *significant* improvement means to get into $2K range - it is planned, but not for this year. Speakers are on stands with spikes. So, before I can really evaluate my system I have to get an adequate IC, otherwise anything wrong may be explained by the present "inadequate" ICs.
I know this is a question re interrconnects, but I had the same problem with Revel Studios and found the Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables really helped with the treble.
Both dealer and Cable Company recommended van den hul. Any opinions?
What a silence, huh?
I tried the Van den Hul First Ultimate from the Cable Co. and was not impressed. Tonally not bad, but extremely grainy.

For your application I'd try Cardas Neutral Reference or Audience AU24. Both are basically neutral, but very slightly warm. The AU24 rolls off the highs a little more than the NR. The RCA versions of both of these run about $200-250/meter used. I've found both of these cables very easy to listen to.
Aren't they have an issue with some loss of details?
Dmitrydr, yes both NR and AU24 can be perceived to lose some details if your system is already on the warm side. If your system is a little bright, however, they might be exactly what you need. It is pretty hard to "soften the highs" as you requested, without cutting the details somewhat. I would say NR preserves the details a little better than AU24. All I can say is try it. I've found you have to try many cables before you can be certain you have the best one for your system.

If you do try Cardas NR, be sure to give it at least two weeks for break-in. It sounds very compressed at first, but opens up over time.

Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature is a copper cable that is extremely neutral and has great soundstaging and low-level details. It won't warm up your sound, though.

Another possibility that might work for you is Kimber KS1030/1130, but it is quite expensive. This is the best IC I've heard. Very tonally neutral, but still lets you hear very low-level things clearly.
Discovery Cables has a sale going on. You will be hard pressed to find a better IC at any level of their product line. Call Joe DePhillips at Discovery; he is one of the most helpful and honest people you could hope to meet in that business. He'll probably let you audition before buying.
I would consider IC's from cardas or jps labs. JPS labs has the warmer house sound.
Guys, I don't want to overpower the warm side. I'm lookong for a perfectly neutral cable with a very little bit of warmness. Am I wrong that both Cardas NR and JPS are some warmer then what can be describer by the word 'little'?
Dmitrydr, have you considered that the cheapo Monster Cables you currently are using are probably warming the sound up somewhat? Monster tends to be warmish. If you get a neutral cable like Cardas NR, you may end up with a BRIGHTER sound than you have now.
Umm... Good point... Never thought...
I'm considering to change te source. NAD C541i to Marantz DV-8400. No HDCD, but there are SACD and DVD-A... Obviously I'd appreciate any opinions on that matter.
And, getting back to the subject, who is familiar with Marantz house sound, and considering the other components, what interconnects are recommended?
Ok, I've took Warrenh's advise as an action item... NAD has gone, and I've got Simaudio Moon Nova CDP, which I find just amazing from every and each point of view. Now the weakest link remained is ICs. Nova sounds so good, so I'm pretty confused what interconnects will do the best now... Any advise, please?
CableCompany advised Wireworld Eclipse III+... What other cable could be considered as similar - just to understand its character?