I want to pick up a vintage SS integrated

Hi, as a stop gap solution, as well as for enjoyment, I wanna pick up a 70's vintage integrated amp.  I have been looking at the Kenwood KA 5700 as well as the KA 405.  Aside from the specs, which one was the higher end model, do you guys know?

My budget is around $500, and I like VU meters.  Around this range, what else could I be looking at?
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As someone said Sansui did use glue on the boards but I think he has over stated the issues. Sansui integrated's are going up fast in the vintage market for a reason if you can get one like the 717 i'd jump on it they are only going up in price. Also Luxman, Accuphase older stuff are some of the best made form that era worth looking as well. but may be to late to get for under $500. 
That's the thing, I don't wanna go the route of Accuphase, Luxman or Marantz's sought after models which will cost maybe $1000 - $2000 in nice shape, which will defeat the point of this exercise :)

If I can find a recapped, nice looking integrated (50 WPC or more) for around $500, that'd be ideal. 

I am actually planning to buy something along the lines of the Luxman L509X sometime next year for regular use.
I Know you are looking in the Menwood direction. Though I have heard them, I can’t say I know the sonic profile well. They sounded fine. I would encourage you to consider arecapped Marantz 1060. Legendary and sound lush and musical( if not a bit rolled off in the highs).. I might also try to hear( or pick one up in the cheap) a classic Sansui AU series.. I just got an AU-217( their stripped down entry level from late 70s early 80s for $100)... only 40 watts or so but man... is it musical and actually somewhat commanding considering the low watts ... both are quite musical and can be found recapped for about your budget. Both are attractive in their own right and both have classic performance..