I want to open a store in Hong Kong.

I am planning to move to Asia, where I want to start my own business selling audio equipment from the USA. Has anyone done something like this. If you have experience, give advice. What about licensing of copyright equipment?
millercarbon - What flu are you referring to?  Last I heard the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was the main health issue of the day.  Perhaps you are unaware that a Coronavirus is actually in the family of the common cold, also accurately called a Coronavirus.  The flu has zero to do with a Coronavirus, and is an entirely different “animal,” though both can and do kill when they progress to pneumonia.  Also the flu has recognized and approved very effective (if started early) treatments, as well as vaccines, we have neither yet for the Vid, though two vaccines appear very promising and are poised for approval.  If you detected a note of sarcasm you would be correct.
Mr Millercarbon has obviously has not had it yet. I can personally attest, as this physically robust guy still struggles with the after effects 8 months later of what one of my doctors called “a whole-body injury” that Covid 19 is not something to underestimate. There is no Deep State trying to take away your freedom. Be smart and responsible towards others.

That said, Hong Kong has an insane amount of wealth in it. But, one no longer has rights there, it is a huge risk moving there without good political connections, and I wouldn’t think of it unless you are moving home.

How about Singapore instead? Great place, lots of money. If only I could go to Newton Hawker Center for some delicious cheap food...

For whatever it worth we have sold a number of power line / ground filters for HiFi applications in H.K. - it appears to be a market there.  Do talk to some experienced local business people there first, though - interesting times are ahead for H.K....
Millercarbon... So 55 million cases and 1.34 million deaths worldwide from covid 19 is an "excuse" for governments to use emergency powers to protect humans from killing each other by spreading the virus. Wow, that's quite a take on reality you have.
Mr Millercarbon has obviously has not had it yet

He wrote that he had multi-focal pneumonia. They gave him Remdesivir and he also took Hydroxychloroquine that he had purchased in advance.

It sounded like a very uncomfortable experience.

Here are some of his comments from the Moab thread:

09-26-2020 8:17pm
So they put me on expensive, risky, iffy remdesivir, and they will do an even more experimental transfusion. But a known cheap effective safe drug? That’s not our protocol. Morons.
Fortunately millercarbon is no moron, and bought HCQ months ago, just in case. Wife brought it in, and so I’m able to get proper meds in spite of the docs.

10-17-2020 11:48am
Its not dead, but I almost was. Nine days in hospital, multi-focal pneumonia bad enough they nearly had me on a vent.

10-17-2020 6:34pm
I was at one point on 10 liters 02, which is a lot of oxygen, and even at that out of breath and feeling like I was about 10 feet underwater. That’s just lying there. Just to roll over, adjust blankets, was an effort it took a while to recover from. How close I was to being on a vent, I don’t want to know. Too close for comfort.