I want to open a store in Hong Kong.

I am planning to move to Asia, where I want to start my own business selling audio equipment from the USA. Has anyone done something like this. If you have experience, give advice. What about licensing of copyright equipment?
My advice is you might want to familiarize yourself with what is currently transpiring in Hong Kong, at what is coming.
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I hope you have a lot of disposable income to burn. Wingsuit flying might be less risky. Perhaps you have the means to compete with big boys such as referenced in the link below? 

Perhaps talk to Richard Austen, a fellow reviewer at Dagogo.com, who has been there for about 10 years. 

Hard to believe that you would even consider opening any kind of business in Hong Kong. Why?
Relocating to a new country, starting a new business, in a field you apparently know little to nothing about. These aren’t risky enough challenges. You want to do it ground zero in the one place most likely to trigger global nuclear war.

Oh, and its your first post. 

All I can say, You go, girl!

From what I have seen, admittedly limited, high end audio is marketed much different in Asia.  I have seen photos of huge box stores with Sonus Faber and other high-end brands stacked on open shelves like toilet paper in Wallmart.  I can't say if it's good or bad, but it certainly is different.  As an aside, why would anyone want to consider opening a new business at this moment in time?  I was saying to a friend the other day - can you imagine all the people who perhaps bought new businesses and signed leases for stores last March, only to find out they couldn't open?  What a horrible situation to be in. 
Could be a great time to open a business. People were saying the same things in 2008 after the last crash.

This HiFi group are somewhere close to Hong Kong (I think Malaysia) and have world-wide members. Check it out.


2008 was a liquidity driven event. The current crisis is entirely driven by politics. There is a global push to put all humanity under global governance with no individual property rights or rule of law. Hong Kong in particular hangs in the balance as the CCP shows clear intent to invade and conquer. "One China" is official CCP policy so please don’t even try and argue that one.

In case you haven’t noticed governments all over the world are using the flu as an excuse to declare emergency powers, close businesses, track, and monitor, and lock up entire populations. Millions of people all over the world are unemployed, with the biggest impact of all falling on small businesses- exactly what the OP wants to be!

If the people win and things return to normal then yes, great time to start a new business. IF we win. If they win, worst time ever. This might be a good time to reflect on the full ramifications of the enemy’s choice of language. They call it the new normal. As in, tyranny: the new normal. Oppression: the new normal. Like that.

With, again, Hong Kong ground zero.
Why do we hear so little about Macau?
And you were doing so fine until now.......
it is easy peasy... so many rich folk there wanting hifi gear, with no good places to buy any

please let us know how it goes
@millercarbon I did notice what you say but then I took my aluminum foil suit off and all was good again. 
Tinfoil. That's an insult, not an argument. Not even a proper insult at that.
No one mentioned tinfoil.
They mentioned aluminum foil.
However, everyone knows the best material for protective hats is tin.
I would agree this is not a risk free venture, but I have a lot of ideas on how one could differentiate such a business in HK, as well as relationships with investors and some of the richest and most influential families there.  Feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss in further detail and yes, good luck!
Who's arguing?
And why?
Singapore or Thailand might be a better bet than Hong Kong, safer at least.
The OP joined AudiogoN today.
millercarbon - What flu are you referring to?  Last I heard the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was the main health issue of the day.  Perhaps you are unaware that a Coronavirus is actually in the family of the common cold, also accurately called a Coronavirus.  The flu has zero to do with a Coronavirus, and is an entirely different “animal,” though both can and do kill when they progress to pneumonia.  Also the flu has recognized and approved very effective (if started early) treatments, as well as vaccines, we have neither yet for the Vid, though two vaccines appear very promising and are poised for approval.  If you detected a note of sarcasm you would be correct.
Mr Millercarbon has obviously has not had it yet. I can personally attest, as this physically robust guy still struggles with the after effects 8 months later of what one of my doctors called “a whole-body injury” that Covid 19 is not something to underestimate. There is no Deep State trying to take away your freedom. Be smart and responsible towards others.

That said, Hong Kong has an insane amount of wealth in it. But, one no longer has rights there, it is a huge risk moving there without good political connections, and I wouldn’t think of it unless you are moving home.

How about Singapore instead? Great place, lots of money. If only I could go to Newton Hawker Center for some delicious cheap food...

For whatever it worth we have sold a number of power line / ground filters for HiFi applications in H.K. - it appears to be a market there.  Do talk to some experienced local business people there first, though - interesting times are ahead for H.K....
Millercarbon... So 55 million cases and 1.34 million deaths worldwide from covid 19 is an "excuse" for governments to use emergency powers to protect humans from killing each other by spreading the virus. Wow, that's quite a take on reality you have.
Mr Millercarbon has obviously has not had it yet

He wrote that he had multi-focal pneumonia. They gave him Remdesivir and he also took Hydroxychloroquine that he had purchased in advance.

It sounded like a very uncomfortable experience.

Here are some of his comments from the Moab thread:

09-26-2020 8:17pm
So they put me on expensive, risky, iffy remdesivir, and they will do an even more experimental transfusion. But a known cheap effective safe drug? That’s not our protocol. Morons.
Fortunately millercarbon is no moron, and bought HCQ months ago, just in case. Wife brought it in, and so I’m able to get proper meds in spite of the docs.

10-17-2020 11:48am
Its not dead, but I almost was. Nine days in hospital, multi-focal pneumonia bad enough they nearly had me on a vent.

10-17-2020 6:34pm
I was at one point on 10 liters 02, which is a lot of oxygen, and even at that out of breath and feeling like I was about 10 feet underwater. That’s just lying there. Just to roll over, adjust blankets, was an effort it took a while to recover from. How close I was to being on a vent, I don’t want to know. Too close for comfort.

I wouldn't go there because China plans to take over Hong Kong in the next 4 years
Here are some links to on youtube that an Italian guy toured HK used hifi market I saw on another hifi forum. The last link is HK Audio show.




For perhaps the first time I can substantially agree with MC.

Does ANYONE think to compare "normal" non accident death rates, maybe by age or other risk group factors, to "current" death rates?

Until very recently I worked as a medical facility professional, and not ignore COVID, but most of the patients I observed with COVID had MULTIPLE health issues to contend with that were likely significant factors. On a personal level, being over 60, my confirmed "infection" resulted in minimal symptoms. My mid 80s father also had limited impact. 

My sympathies to anyone who has lost a loved one during this but there is ZERO doubt in my mind that ALL sides have turned this into as much, or more, of a political issue than a medical issue. And we are NOT being provided with any reliable, statistically validated information regarding the DIFFERENTIAL impact(s).

The OP joined AudiogoN today.

thus my reply below... guys falling prey to troll pranks yet again 


'it is easy peasy... so many rich folk there wanting hifi gear, with no good places to buy any

please let us know how it goes'
Looks like the OP got scared away.
"...but most of the patients I observed with COVID had MULTIPLE health issues..."

"Most" is another way of saying "not all" or "some".

Once interested parties get past mortality rates, get immersed into long-term effects. Good luck everyone.
"... so I’m able to get proper meds in spite of the docs."

Expertise speaks.
Hi RW.  I'm and accountant and business adviser.
My gut is this is a hare-brained idea.  At the very least you need to do some research first.  Start with:

1.  I know HK pretty well although haven't visited for a few years now.
When I was last there there were quite a number of high end audio retailers in the malls.  Perhaps you should google them and find out who they are are what they are doing.

2.  It's probable most of the US manufacturers you are thinking of representing already have licensed retailers in HK in which case they won't work with you.  You should research this for the lines you are interested in handling.

3.   You will need a load of capital to start this.  You need to rent a shop.  HK is about the most costly retail area in the world.  Then fit it out.  Then buy in all the dem and display pieces you need.  Then hire staff.  All this before you have made a cent.  I'm guessing you will need US1million at rock-bottom.  You need to add it all up before jumping.
Now that @clearthinker has poured a bucket of cold realism upon the entire scheme perhaps a little more digression can be allowed.


"My sympathies to anyone who has lost a loved one during this but there is ZERO doubt in my mind that ALL sides have turned this into as much, or more, of a political issue than a medical issue. And we are NOT being provided with any reliable, statistically validated information regarding the DIFFERENTIAL impact(s)."

Exactly. Why is the information not being put out? Just how many flu deaths are being attributed to Covid? And why? What about the dangers of mask wearing? Etc.

Covid is deadly, to a tiny minority no doubt, but then so was the flu which was largely ignored for so long whilst it was busy killing in far greater numbers for so long?

Kind of smacks of oppportunism, doesn’t it? Rumours abound of political shenanigans and awarding of medical contracts at the very highest levels. Political and financial games being played for the highest of stakes

Then there’s the wilful attempted destruction of leading western economies...

Fascinating times, after Covid has bid us farewell, I wonder what’s coming next?
There is no reasoning with certain individuals levels of ignorance.
"...after Covid has bid us farewell, I wonder what’s coming next?"

Long-term COVID effects.

"What about the dangers of mask wearing?"

Really, what about them?
Hello, well, the idea is interesting. Only there the competition is high, if you sell equipment for recording studios, maybe something will come out. They have just begun to understand this and appreciate the quality. Well, in any case, you will need to register a company for example  see here. Hire a local director, they will help you with tax reports. If you are legally going to work, I think you can carry out your plan.
Why are you asking a bunch of geeky audiophiles international commerce questions in a hotbed part of the world during a pandemic? Did you win the lottery ? 
Me thinks we are being trolled!

To the OP: I think you might do better in downtown Portland Oregon.  Hey
you could get customers all smacked, cracked, smoked up.  It's all legal!
Just think of all sheeeit you could sell to a stoned, whacked and delusional clientele. 

after op conquers hong kong, there is china japan and korea waiting for him next

think they just got the internet there and learned about something called high end hifi... like last week?
This was obviously a troll post but thankfully it provided MC a platform for espousing the truths of the world and life...it's all so nourishing.  What an amazing place Agon has become.  Value-added extraordinaire.

"This was obviously a troll post..."

I give it a credit for being more innovative than kenjit's speaker posts or any of the cable vs. fuse vs. blind testing spaghettis.

What are these great truths? Come on, you can say it. It's ok, you won't get shot down in flames, you're among friends now.

What was that you said? Something about the World Economic Forum at Davos and the coming of 'The Great Reset?'

There, there, don't worry. It will all be ok soon. As the slogan goes,

'You'll own nothing soon.
And you'll be happy.'

Interlude over.

And now back discussing the merits or non merits of starting a new audio retail business in downtown Hong Kong...

'You'll own nothing soon.
And you'll be happy.'

That is for What are you streaming tonight thread, not this one.

For real, what are the truths about dangers of wearing masks? More or less all of us have been doing it for months and now we get a teaser that it is not good for us. Details, please, so we can make informed and rational decisions.
Guys....Millercarbon is correct about the global situation yet you have nothing better to do other than talk trash..... Wake up, sheep. 
"Millercarbon is correct about the global situation..."
In this matter of global situation, not quite.

"In case you haven’t noticed governments all over the world are using the flu as an excuse..."

These days, you barely hear about the Flu.
Sad to know that conspiracy mongers will be with us for the long haul.

For real, what are the truths about dangers of wearing masks?

glupson, the problem with masks is that people are always touching them. A common way to contract a virus is to touch an object (door handle, display merchandise, railing, etc.) that has the virus on it then touch your face. The virus is then moved into your eyes, your nose or your mouth where it gets into cells and you have an infection. If you watch people wearing masks they touch them and their faces a lot. If you wear a mask, keep your hands off it.
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Every day since Oct. 28th, save for 3 days, Covid cases are pass 1,000/day in Washington State. Back when MC was in for his ailment, it was a different story as anyone with half a brain can deduce. 

It's not fake news that hospitals in the Mid West are past capacity. Some are running out of hospital staff. Again, not fake news. 

Average mask efficacy is 67%. Period. It prevents droplets from you traveling out to others. How hard is that to wrap your cultish heads around? I'll take those odds any day of the week. It's no inconvenience to wear one. I'm not surrendering one iota of my "freedom". It's common sense. Why is it the fools had to go and make it a political thing?

All this BS about touching your face mask is a red herring. Things would be so much easier if ya'll just seek out and find your own Jonestown and get it all over with, leaving the rest of us to lead a normal life.

All the best,