I've reached the beginning of the end - I hope

I've been into this crazy hobby for the last 26 years now and as everyone who's been hooked, the path to audio bliss could be an elusive one. The upgrade bug always seems to bite us every now and then. Well, I think I can finally say that I have reached complete satisfaction with the audio system I currently have:

Solilquy 5.3 speakers
Transparent Music Wave Plus speaker cables
Musical Fidelity A300 integrated amp
Sonoran Desert Signature rca interconnects
EAD DSP 7000mk3
PS Audio Xstream digital cable
Esoteric D500 transport
VPI Aries Scout turtable with Dynavector 10x5 cartridge sitting on a Brigth Star Audio Big Rock platform
Discovery signature rca interconnects
Monster Cable HTS 3500mk2 power conditioner

This system is by no means the most expensive I've had over the years, but for some synergistic reason, it delivers music like I've never experienced before. Sure, it could have a more solid, controlled and deeper low end. Sure, it could have a more extended highs. Sure, it could have a cleaner midrange....more of this and more of that - but do I look for more when I listen to it? I can unhesitatingly say NO. Is this the end of the seemingly endless journey of audio nirvana? I certainly hope so.......ahhh...the pain I feel on some of Chet Baker's solo trumpet....the energy behind Jack DeJohnette's drums...this is MUSIC at its best.
Curious as to how some of you have arrived and ended your journey......
Lack of money, a mortgage, car payments, children etc. all do a pretty good job of ending or idefinitely postponing people's audio journeys. You learn to be happy with what you can realistically or responsibly afford.
Well, I went broke...that helped a lot.

Agreed. Losing big money jobs will change your perspective. It's awesome growing up.
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Appologies to Johnathan Swift
The constant need to upgrade doesn't seem rooted in sound quality. If you've been in this hobby for a couple of years, I bet your system is already very good. For many of us, upgrading seems like an addiction driven by perfectionism. Aren't we all hunting for that elusive component that brings our system to the next level? I wish I could say I see the light at the end of the tunnel... but I don't. If I spent as much time reading good books as I did scouring the web for audio equipment, I'm sure I'd feel more grounded. I'm looking forward to that day.
Well, I echo most if not all the sentiments here. Although I am still thinking about what Chazzbo is saying...yes, thats okay.Intersting perspective Chazz..!Big$$ jobs that have gone away, kids, ect...upgraditis that only seems to temporarily satsify, yet not fufill the quest. I think Mingles gets it perfectly. Im now back to a simple, yet very satisfying set up after years of changes that have drained my wallet and cost me in part a marriage. But, hey... just look at all my feedback!!! what a "reward"..not that its not nice to have. At least I can be trusted I suppose..but, If I had the chance to do it all over knowing what I know now..I'd have bought my Quads first and never have sold my old CAL Icon cd player and save much time,$$$, and might even have prevented that hernia and neck disc fusion too! ;-)...Nice post. something to think about.
Every living situation has either been an apt or townhome. So that means lean on the bass. I haven't been bit by the upgrade bug since I paired my JM Labs 907 BE with my Simaudio I5. I liked it even better with the Rogue Magnum Tempest.

Now with road biking as a new hobby, I can't afford both. The damn roof racks are as expensive as a good used CDP on audiogon. *sigh*
upgrading need not be an addiction. it is possible that some of us are searching for a "sound" which we have not found. most commercially available components provide an unrealistic presentation of timbre. thus,it takes time, effort and money to find components which give the aural cues of real instruments.
To me it's simple. When I sit down and pop in a CD with a nice glass of whisky, do I forget where I am/lose myself in the music? If so, I'm done. You can always tweak a little here and there with room treatments and isolation but nothing in the system itself (speakers, pre, CDP, amp and cables) should be changed at that point and going forward.

imo, upgrading when you've reached the aforementioned point is simply an attempt to compensate for needs not satisfied in other parts of your life (for me, I tend to go shopping for tech stuff when I feel bad and I've learned to limit that a lot as it got me into more trouble).

Perfection on earth doesn't exist, happiness is all we can really hope for. Searching for perfection is a fruitless pursuit in audio or elsewhere.

Caveat: I don't consider myself an audiophile, just someone who loves of music.
Thanks for all the interesting posts....it is definitely different for everyone. Other pursuits in life, such as family, career, mortgage, and the list goes on and on, can prevent one in finding the elusive audio bliss. However, there is also the proverbial saying that goes: wanting what you have, not having what you want....happy listening folks.....
I got rid of my system because the bright sound was damaging my hearing. I could hear to 20k before but now 16-18k. Brightness aside, it did not sound right to my ears.I got a simple system to "get by" with and have yet to find the perfect sound.
Have you heard people rave about headphones and how no stereo sounds as good? That's my system. Finalizing an upgrade over my current system, but basically aim the single driver speaker at your ears and viola, headphones PLUS soundstaging (in spades). This system excels with CD's unlike most current hi-end systems which over-resolve necessitating vinyl for acceptable sound.