I've been selling heavier gear for lighter gear

I've been thinking about this again. Yesterday I wrapped my freshly sold 55lb ss amp in a buncha bubble wrap, double boxed w/styro sides, then took to mail store (rolled in on a dolly). Later in the day I returned to pick up my 2nd Carver Black Magic tube amp, which weighs all of about 20lbs. If I hadn't bought them was gonna buy van Alstine monos, which are also small & light. 

Earlier this year sold 110lb speakers and bought kef blade 2 (80 lbs & easy to maneuver). 

I've been moving the platform stands around a bit for mono placements, and having lightweight amps is soooo relaxing. How about here, how bout there, np. 

Anyhoots, who else factors in the tonnage of the gear they buy? Any other 'lightweight' fans like me? 


@asvjerry yeah, I was pop's "strong back" for many a year and odd job. 🤣

It took me about a week to disassemble and pack everything into their crates and boxes. (Interesting factoid: Those B&W's are shipped in Danish wood crates!) Thank goodness pop kept all of them. The LPs went into moving boxes of course. I hired day labor and a truck to help me get it all into storage in FL. Then I flew down later with my wife to rent a Sprinter type truck to drive it all up here to WA. Great trip! The day labor I'd hired to help me load the truck ghosted us so she and I loaded the truck in 95F heat and who knows what humidity. Love that girl! What a trooper.

I'm going to be 66 in January and after a career behind a keyboard, while I'm not as fit as I should be, nor am I as stupid as I could be. LOL Got here and hired some bodies to help me unload...

Happy listening.

I was struggling moving my Coda CSiB around so opted for some much lighter SPL separates. Lighter was the case, not just in weight but sound too. Then, after the 2-week-old pre-amp started turning on and off by itself and then the power amp went POP, started smoking and lost the left channel, Now, I'm going back to the heavyweight Coda (now separates). Maybe harder on my back but much easier on my ears.

Dang, there sure are a lot of old farts on this thread! JK I'm 65 and I am also at the point where I consider the weight of a component before I would purchase it. My most heavy piece right now is a Pass INT60, at 90+ lbs. Once that piece goes,  I may have to replace it with God forbid, class D!

@musicfan2349  *L* I'm 71, and have a 'cut-off' of 1/3rd of my weight (135ish)....beyond that, a couple of younger emoloyees, hand trucks, dollies, and a Bobcat with forks and a boom if it calls for that....

If I needed the latter for, say, an amp...I'd obviously be planning to throw some wild-az party and it would be very loud....but exquisite, of course.... ;)

My main amp is the heavy at 45ish, and no real plan or interest in moving it..

Great that you and the spouse got to make a journey out of the trip home, hope y'all made some fun stops on the way.  There's a lot of roadside distractions along the way, and a number of ways to travel by them. *S*