I need amplification.....

Here's the deal... I'm running B&W CDM 1NT's. I'm looking to spend 700 dollars. I know it's not much, but it's all I have at this point. I would like an integrated. Saves space, don't have to shell out the bucks for extra interconnects.. All I have besides the speakers are an NAD DVD for a source and a soon to be in my possesion yamaha tuner. There is a chance I could get a Muscial Fidelity A3. Anyone else have any other ideas? I do have a parasound HCA 500 50 watt amp, so I could go with just a pre amp, but I'm not sure the parasound has enough drive for the CDM's. Any help would be excellent!

You have a very nice little speaker there, with enormous potential.

In my experience the CDM-1's can sound just a little congested in the mids and a little aggressive in the highs when paired with low to medium priced solid state gear. The answer is to go with tubes (as the local B&W dealer does), and then the CDM-1's will blossom.

We've all seen ads where a solid state amp is claimed to have "tube-like warmth and musicality". But when was the last time you heard a tube amp billed as having "solid state-like warmth and musicality"??

In the upper price ranges, solid state can rival tubes. But in my experience that never happens in the lower price ranges, where tubes are much more musical than solid state gear.

It's really not fair of me to make a blanket recommendation without knowing for sure what your priorities are, but I'm extrapolating from your choice of speaker that you value quality over quantity, and in my experience your speakers do the quality thing best with tubes.
A used Audio Refinement Complete integrated amp made by YBA would fit in nicely for under $700. I am running in my home office, the big brother to the AR Complete, the YBA Integre DT (50 watts) to a pair of original CDM-1. 50 watts is fine, if it is quality watts and you don't plan on blasting rock music all day.
I have also used the Audio Refinement Complete and was quite impressed. It totally blew away an older Musical Fidelity amp (A-220). Same 50 watts, and the M.F. was even class A biased! Happy Tunes!
Try a Acurus amp ,they have a good clean sound. I use a A100
in my bedroom system with PSB IMAGE 4Ts . Very similar to the sound of a Adcom amp . Usually you can a great deal on this American built amp ,good luck.

I've heard that B&W uses Rotel for their powered speakers. I used Rotel happily for several years. A friend used an old Parasound receiver of mine wtih his new 603 SII and said that he liked the sound, but 25 W wasn't enough for his taste (Metallica, Megadeth and other heavy metal).
I would also recommend tube amplification with your speakers. Jolida makes a few products that would fall into
your price range. Also, Sudgen A-21. Class A int. amp. (price however could be a little above your budget) Try to
audition in your own home w/your own components to be sure
they satisfy your tastes. Good Luck, Bill.
I'm sorry... in my earlier post I mentioned the "Sudgen" A-21 int. amp. I spelled it wrong. It should be SUGDEN.