I have owned a Nakamichi PA7 amp. How would you

compare it to B&Ks sound or Parasound like the HCA 2200II. I have Kef 104/2 speakers and I would not describe them as bright. I would like a little more forward sound than I had with the Nak amp powering the Kefs. What amp would match up well with these used under a grand? Amp and then what affordable used preamp with remote control? Thanks.
+1 to Digepix suggestions.

I took a look at classified listings right now on A'gon and at $800 I'd look at the Aragon 4004 or the Marsh A400S. They more than match your criteria. Support for the Aragon is still available but for the Marsh no.

If you are thinking new I would say really take a look at the Emotiva XPA-2. Emotiva has a storefront on Amazon and are also having a warehouse sale so give them a call.
Well I finally settled on a amp. I purchased a Parasound A21 and now have to decide on a preamp or dac. I would like to connect my directv receiver and a cd player. Anyone want to chime in on my best direction? Budget is $1000. Going into Kef 104/2's