I apologize for the lack of info BUT Supratek Syrah issues and questions??

Ok so up front I have not a lot of info to go on as I was only able to look into the issue for a few moments (unit being sold out of an estate) ..early design from late 90’s? Syrah with phono stage powers up all tubes light up,  when hooked up to a source (cd player) we get "some" sound out of the speakers but it seems to be "passing through" the preamp and volume control and input selector do not effect it at all .. can switch the input selector nothing just same music same with volume control .. this unit has been siting unused in a dry climate controlled house for a few years? Any thoughts? again I apologize for the lack of details
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Does the preamp have a home theater bypass installed? Not sure if Mick offered that on his preamps but it could explain what you're experiencing if it was engaged.