Supratek Syrah and Chardonnay differences


I am wondering what differences there are between these 2 preamps. My understanding is that that the Chardonnay replaced the Syrah line. Is it just a name change or what did Mick do to make the Chardonnay better? Thanks. Dave
syrah was the preamp with phono stage which was replaced by the chenin. the chardonnay is the line stage only. no phono input on the chardonnay. the differences between the syrah and the chenin are probably best explained by mick. shoot him an email. he'll reply to you within a day usually.
chardonnay is a type of wine...:-)
The Chenin replaces the Syrah. The Syrah is a full function preamp (with phono)whereas Chardonnay is a linestage version only with virtually the same circuit implementation of the the linestage section of the former.

I believe that around December 2003, the Syrah was replaced by the Chenin. The main difference was the tubes used in the preamp phono section and , as Mick Maloney commented, the Chenin uses the Cortese phono circuit. In turn the Cortese's phono circuit was also improved on a later date.

The Syrah uses 417A and I believe 6ER5 tubes for phono in contrast to the Chenin's 6C4/M8080 and 6DJ8/6922/7308 tubes.

You can read a lot about them here if you do not want to ask Mick directly through e-mail. I have to warn you, the thread is 34 (and counting) sections long!

All the names are types of wine. Not just Chardonnay. Syrah, Chenin, Sauvignon, Cabernet are all grape types. And Grange is the name of arguably Australias most famous red wine, Penfold's Grange Hermitage.
Such a maavelous maaketing fantasy!
I'd prefere than certainly Shiraz!...:-)
Mick lives in Margaret River, one of Australia's most rapidly growing wine regions hence the name choices.