I am thinking of getting Nordost Valhalla speaker

Any opinion on Nordost vs siltech or others.
what is the rest of yoru system and what are you looking for in speaker cable? There are many who find Valhalla to be state of the art and exactly what their system needs. Others will say it is very system dependent and to be a little careful. I like Transparent RefXL myself and use it almost exclusively throughout my system...but found the Valhall digital cable preferable to the TA Ref digital cable and thus kept the Valhalla.
Hi Lloyd
I have been listening in my house, I like the Valhalla a lot,
I did listen to siltech 550l but is not same league with Valhalla , my present is harmonic pro-9 ref. SE speaker , Valhalla beats hands down .

Aesthetix Callisto sgn.
Aesthetix io sgn
Hansen emperor
Krell fpb600
Classis VPI/dyna xv-1 s
Harmonic magic link2
Furutech ag12 phono cable
80% vinyl, 20% cd
Sony xa9000es ( hoping to upgrade to esoteric k-03)
I can see why you like Valhalla. I have heard the Hansen Princes, FPB 600. BTW, the K-03 is supposed to be a great piece!

Enjoy...sounds like you've got a winner.
I have used Valhalla biwire SC's for years. I have not heard their superior at anything near the price. They are stupendous and have stood thwe test of time.

I'm happy with Acoustic Zen double-barrel made from Neotech OCC silver with Teflon dielectric.
... what Neal said ...
I have recently switched form Siltech to Valhalla. Very happy. Was using 770i IC's and LS-110 speaker. More resolving, involving and dynamic in my system
Congrats, rockitman!
Thanks everyone, yes I soon could switch to Valhalla ,
Just speaker cable first, then ic later.
One thing for sure, it sounds like no other. There is a reason.
Had Valhalla i think STEALTH V10 speaker cable much better more dynamic quieter etc.
I can remember thinking to myself when I had the Valhalla interconnects and speaker cables in my system for auditioning .... "there is no way I'm letting this stuff out of the system" ... that was 6 years ago and to this day they have still remained the best for me and my system.
Ive tried so many and just switched to a 3M set of BiWire Valhalla that I picked up in a great local deal. They are about 20% better than the new Frey 2 IMO. Incredible speaker cable that beat anything I have ever owned..