I am considering the purchase of a Marantz DV8400

I was wondering if anyone had any hands on experience with the Marantz DV8400. I am considering replacing my Toshiba SD9200 with a Marantz DV8400. Is this a sane thing to do? I want to add SACD to my system and am already using DVD audio. Any input would be welcome. I would like to spend around or under $1500. The marantz looks like a good choice.
Hi. I did an extensive trial of the DV-8400 because I wanted DVD-A and thought this was a reasonable ($) way to add it. I already had top quality SACD and CD. I was impressed with the sound in all three foremats, especially DVD-A. However both SACD and CD were very clear and open. I eventually opted for the Esoteric DV-50 as simply on another level altogether, but it costs more than three times as much. At the price, I highly recommend the DV-8400. (Just tried video with a little black and white monitor to make sure it works, so can't comment on that.)
The selling point of DV8400 is the DVI2 output. The finest and most up-to-dae video quality output nowadays. Compatitable to most Plasma connection.

This is your consideration to buy DV8400.
I have a DV-8300 and had thought about upgrading to the 8400 but now thnat Denon has joined the game I really want to take a close look at the DV2900 and the Dv5900. I believe the video section on the Denons will be better. That is one area I feel the Marantz could improve upon. Also the 8300 SACD falls short. So I would recommend at least looking at the Denon product.
I have had the 8400 since day one. It has met my expectations in most catagories. I also have a CAL Aria MKIII tube CD that has some upgrades and has a slightly richer sound than the redbook section. I use this w/ a Loewe Aconda 38 and it provides excellent video. I use it for 2 channel w/ a pair of Totem Shamans and have been very satisfied. The Audio surround chimes in on Aerial SR3's nicely. I like the versatility of the unit. I use the 5 channel output instead of the digital out although I have both hooked up. I use AQ Lapis and Nordost Moonglow (digital) and Nordost Optix for video with this unit. I have recently added new PC's and power conditioning and have been able to hear sound improvements at each interval. So for me this unit has been worth the money.

I thought the 8400 was limited to 480p output on DVI. Other DVI players; e.g., Bravo D1, Samsung 931, and Denon 5900 can also output 720p and 1080i on DVI, which I would consider a better capability.