Little help in cartridge purchase?

First of all, I am new to the forum and have really enjoyed reading the posts.

Recently, my nephew destroyed the cantilever off my Benz Micro MC Silver and for the first time since owning the system (10 years) I have to replace it. I have a VPI HW-19 Mk III TT, Audioquest PT-6 arm, and Ensemble Phonomaster phono stage. The question is what do I buy? I'm looking at used cartridges thinking I'll get much better value. My price range is $200-$400. Right now I am most seriously concidering a used Benz Micro Glider HO. I can go MM and might concider a Clearaudio cartridge. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
Buying a used phono cartridge is very risky since they are subject to wear and other damage. Since you have a Benz cartridge even if damaged it has trade-in value on a new Benz cartridge. You can even upgrade to a better model than the Silver you have.

I'd think about a Dynavector 10x4 in that price range. Brand new and generally considered to be a real bargain for the performance level.
Capaudio is right. Most people here are fairly honest but their idea of "mint" or "just broken-in" might not be the same as yours. Remember it's my stuff and your crap.
I have the Benz Glider MO and think it is fantastic. Check to see if you really need the HO. If not go with the MO. I wouldn't try to talk you out of the Glider, it's a great choice.
Good luck.
You might widen your choices to include the Denon 103D and the Audio Technica AT-0C9 at very different ends of the musical spectrum.
Viridian- Not sure if the 103D has a high enough output for this application. Don't know that much about the cartridge, but it has a great reputation here on 'Gon- any idea of output?? Also, it's been suggested that there are several variations- any idea which one is which??

IMO, regarding the DL103, and I have one, the regular DL103(spherical stylus) model is the best value. It is $200 or less, and does as well as some very high priced cartridges. When you get to the DL103R(improved coil strucure), DL103PRO(Broadcast cart), DL103FLS(Hyper-elliptical line contact, ceramic body), you are raising the price close to where you can do better by spending a little more and going with a Shelter 501($650). The output of a standard DL103 is .28mv-.3mv and requires a step-up device. The correct load for it is 40 ohms. I didn't recommend it in my above post, because I didn't know if the PT-6 could handle it. I have since checked it out, and the PT-6 has ABEC 3 grade bearings, so it should do fine. ABEC 3 is the same rating as the bearings in the SME IV. The DL103 is VERY stiff and tracks at about 2.75 grams. It takes quite a few hours to break it in. Cartridge weight is about 8 grams, compliance is 5.
I prefer the 103D to the spherical model, havn't tried the others. In addition to audibly prefering the 103D there are some theoretical improvements in reducing record wear by using a line contact stylus, but only if properly aligned. I have used a 103D in the AQ arms with a little of the damping fluid added, seemed to work fine. I think a new one from Denon costs under $270.00. The Audio Technica ATOC-9 is a significantly higher compliance cartridge with an output of .4 mv.
If you like your original cartridge why not send it to Stanalog and have it repaired. I've had several cartridges rebuilt by them and they are usually better. They send them to Van Den Hull and he replaces the cantilever with a boron one and a Van Den Hull stylus. The new stylus rides deeper in the groove and extracts more information and less surface noise.
Viridian, thanks for the reminder. I forgot to mention the very fine DL103D in my list. Also a great value. For the money it is practically impossible to beat these cartridges. There are better ones, but you're going to have to pay significantly more to get them. They are good enough that many or even most people would not need to ever upgrade them. Of course, "need" seldom enters into our audiophile buying decisions, so many of us might "want" to spend a bundle to upgrade. I'm considering a Shelter for my next one.