Payment options for purchases

If a seller accepts Visa/MC are you more likely to buy from them than if they only accepted paypal or Money Orders?

I have the option, but I never knew if people were interested in that.

Am I more likely to encounter fraud?
No. I get a little nervous giving out my Visa details.

Really? I feel way more comfortable using my credit card than sending money orders.
Yes you'll get more buyers for the higher priced items. there are a lot of impulse buys from people who have some money in their pocket but not enough to meet the selling price. I would accept it, ask the credit card issuer about how to protect against fraud. Any number of fraudulent payments are possible according to what I've heard about ebay etc. Probably the best way is to sell to people who have a good reputation that you can check on i.e. references etc.
MBNA will give you a one time special number for internet purchases. Ace check cashinng also give you a M/C where you deposit the amount of your transaction plus a small fee(cheaper than pay pay pal). Thus if they try to use yoour card there will be no money there.
Unless I am mistaken, MasterCard offers some kind of protection for buyers who purchase via Internet. Not that it means a great deal, but, somehow, I feel that someone who has taken the steps required to accept credit cards is less likely to ship a box full of bricks or malfunctioning speakers or whatever. I think itÂ’s a plus, yes, even more so when I think of the hassles of using PayPal.