Hum a problem with Planar 25/ Grado cartridge?

Disappointed with Planar 25/Elys combination. Dealer said cartridge needs break-in period of a couple of weeks. Have always preferred Grados but understand there to be a hum problem with this combination and not with the Rega cartridges. Ideas about Rega carts vs Grado and the hum?
I have no real personal experience with the problem, but my understanding is that the level of hum can range from almost non-existant to significant depending and it varies from one particular set-up to another. The hum seems to become more pronounced toward the end of the record as, presumably, the cartridge gets closer in proximity to the motor.

Whatever hum might be encountered seems to be fairly low-level and some have reported that they don't find it objectional. I avoided the Grado when I had a P3, but had considered Rega's top cartridge (the "Exact")as it got good reviews and it would be a breeze to install. Heard the "Exact" once, but not in my system, so it would be difficult to say how it performed.

Grado has some models that deal with the hum issue. Music Direct metions it in their catalog...
From my experience, Grado will produce a hum with Rega.
Using Rega carts do not use three point mounting. Use the standard alighnment procedure with two-point mounting.
For the best cartridge setup advice go to
FWIW, I'm currently running a P25 with a Dynavector 17d2 MkII cart and have had no problems with hum (very low output mc).

Have a 25 mounted with a super elys, very happy with it.

Have also heard to avoid grado with a rega.

Have heard that dynavector is a good match with rega.
Your dealer is probably right about the break-in. You can speed up this process with the Cardas Sweep and Burn-In record, but follow the instructions (check out their web site).
dynavector/rega are *great* together. very highly recommended.
I just saw this and no doubt you've received answers. But in the likelyhood you have not, I have the answer.

Shielding. It's no more or less than this.

Most of the lower end Grado cartridges are not shielded, which is probably why they sound so good in their midrange. And the other have of the equation is Rega, they do not shield their TT motors. Hence, Hummmmmmm.

This is the problem. But there is an answer. Mu-metal. You may have been told about this. You can send away for this Mu-metal kit, $75, and you apply it to your TT and all humm or 90% is gone. Any remaining is very negligible.

I've been through this whole process so it's not hearsay or conjecture or whatever. It's honest truth. Repair techs as well as knowledgeable dealers agree and confirm.

Also, it's not only Rega tables, many others fit this category of having not shielded motors (or more specific, transformer in the motor section). I just experienced this same problem you are asking about with a grado silver cartridge and a Pioneer PL-550 TT. That wonderful humm.

The Grado actually sounds so good that I choose not to let the humm interfere with the good things the Grado produces. If you don't play music too loud it's really not too bad of a problem. But if you're insistant on keeping the Grado, buy the Mu-metal kit. You'll be happy. Oh, there's one other cure, and much better in my opinion, that is, if your system can take it--MC cartridge. Much better any day of the week than a MM cartridge (imo).

Hope this helps.
I recently bought a Planar 25 to go with my Grado "Reference Reference" ($1200/high output). Yep, it hums. Motor off, nothing; running, more hum closer to the spindle. No surprise as the wooden cart body offers no shielding, and Rega's too cheap to shield their motor. But let's put the hum contribution to the total record noise in perspective. With a quiet phono preamp and my better records, the hum on the last track at loud volumes is notably less than the groove rush and occasional crackle. And because it is a constant hum vs the varying noises of an LP, you tend to psychoacoustically tune it out more. I was planning to invest in shielding initially, but I simply haven't found it objectionable. Noticeable, yes if you're listening for it, and admittedly not the best synergy. I know there must be many out there who would consider anything less than total background silence unlistenable, if so, stick with CDs :-)

Seriously, the best solution around this I'm aware of is to buy the low-output Grados (0.5mV). Not only do they sound somewhat better if you've a good MC preamp, but there is far less wire to pick up the motor EMI, so hum for the same setup is reduced by at least an order of magnitude and rendered a non-issue.