HT - Which processor


I am looking at a 500-1100 dollar budget for a processor, and similar for an amp (if necessary). What is a nice solid processor for that price range? I am one for building a nice system over time, so quality/flexibility is a slight concern. My expectations are probably pretty high for this price range...

As far as amps go, I have a line on a Parasound HT855 for around 400 bucks. Is that a good deal?

Lexicon DC-1 should be in your price range. For HT, there's nothing better!!!
Acurus 125x5 (available for about $800 in ads on this site) and Acurus Act 3 (available for under $900) have been providing great sound, great user-friendliness, great controls, and great flexibility for me! I paid several hundred dollars more for each of these pieces about 9 months ago and can't believe how good the prices on them are now.
I bought my Classe ssp25 with DTS for $1200 here and never look back. I pair it with a Citation Amp (350x2 bridged), also bought here for $900. Hope this helps and let me know what you think.
Try the Sherwood Newcastle 9080-series H/T preamp/ processor
along with the matching 9080 5-channel amp. is selling this combo for $1500 right now. Check with audiogon dealers and you may beat that price! Believe me, it will be worth your while to check this out.