HSU vs. ADIRE vs.Pinnacle SUBS

SInce these are mail order only(minus pinnacle)...I have never actually heard one...any thoughts...connection options...crossover selection..phase control...binding posts..etc...primarly for music only...cheers...VT-_2 vs RAVA vs BABYBOOMER
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I have owned the Baby Boomer and the VT-2. I sold the VT-2 and kept the BabyBoomer. I liked the HSU, but the size and esthetic qualities of the Pinnacle were FAR superior to the HSU and the Pinnacle gave up very little in the performance department. However, my room is smallish at 12X13, so YMMV.

BTW, I also have an NHT SubOne(i) which I think is sonically superior to either the HSU or Pinnacle. It is also larger, has a seperate controller and is finished in a beautiful piano black finish. The NHT is the easy winner , IMHO.


I briefly had the Baby Boomer and thought something was wrong with it x-over wise. It never played low or loud. I have owned the NHTs also and they are very musical. I really like the SW2Pi but the Sub One is offers more oomph for sure.