Buying a Lovan rack from Dynadirect

I am thinking of ordering a Lovan Sovereign rack from Has anyone have any experience with Dynadirect ? How well is the rack packed from the Lovan factory ? I am a bit concerned whether the package is good enough to survive a UPS ground trip. Thanks from a newbie.
We have purchased Lovan Sovereign amp stands on line with no problems in shipping damage. It was not from the company that you mentioned, but as you said, it comes packaged from the factory.
The only problem that we had was one came with the wrong finish on the wood shelf and we had to exchange it.
We really enjoy those amp stands. They are very stable and are a beautiful addition to our setup.
Good luck,
I've never dealt with DynaDirect, but I think you'll like the Lovan racks. I own a pair of Imperial stands for my monitors and a friend of mine has the Sovereign racks in beechwood for his HT setup. They're very elegant.
I own two lovan racks shipped directly from the company thru another person found on Audioshopper. They are shipped with the frame and wood in separate boxes and do survive UPS. Excellent racks for the $$$. They will customize the size of the home theater rack to your needs since they are modular, just ask.
Thanks for the replies.