Help with Adire Rava - Frustrated

Hi All,

I need some assistance with my adire rava. I bought the subwoofer directly from adire a couple of months back. It played great for a couple weeks, and then suddenly went dead. I sent it back to the factory so that they could figure out what was wrong. When I called them after a week or so, I was told that the technician at adire didn't find anything wrong with the sub, but swapped the amplifier, just in case. I received the sub today, and I still see the same problem. No sound comes from the subwoofer.

During the time when I was without a sub, I went ahead and bought a HSU STF-2 at compUSA. Its been playing great since the time its been at home. So there is nothing wrong with my reciever or my cable.

I am not sure if adire really did test the subwoofer or not. Or is there something that I'm not doing right?? If I have to believe adire, then there must be something wrong at my end. But I don't see where I cud've gone wrong. I'm using a simple AR sub cable to connect my onkyo 502 receiver's sub out to rava. If I switch to HSU in the same setup, it plays great. But rava is dead silent.

This is extremely frustrating! And Adire is closed tomorrow ....! What luck!
sounds odd to me. you made no mention of it, but i can only presume you made sure the volume was turned up and the sub was set to on or auto. try changing the input the sub cable goes into if you haven't already. also, try a difficult wall outlet. outside of this, i'm pretty stumped as well.
Kgturner - Yes, the volume is turned up, and the unit does power on. It seems to detect the signal, but apart from that, there is nothing else happening. I tried using the Y adapter, plugging just to the left line input, and just to the right line input. No sound.

I also connected to the speaker level input. Connected the wires that go to my left main speaker to the left speaker input on the subwoofer to check if it makes any sound at all. Nada.

I am at my wits end. And to top it off, I'm going on a vacation for the next couple of weeks. So i won't be able to talk to adire folks about this until i return. I'd really like to know whats wrong by the end of the day.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. If any folks at adire are browsing this forum on the weekend, please give some troubleshooting tips. Its not that this is the first subwoofer that i've ever used ... and i've never had any problems with any of my audio equipment till date.
as a last resort, take the sub driver out and make sure the amp is actually connected to the sub. outside of the amp being faulty, i cannot fathom why this does not work given the information you've provided.