HRS Isolation Bases

I wanted to know if anyone has tried the HRS M3X2 base for their turntable. I have the E1 and would like to know if the flagship model is noticeably better. Thanks.
I recently bought an MRX demo rack, and have the M3X2 on the top two shelves. I had previously had my AMG Giro turntable on a very solid MapleShade oak rack. Moving to the HRS provided noticeable improvement in SQ but not earth shattering. I have my Phono preamp on the next shelf with same platform. I even bought the nimbus footers and their damping plates for it as well. Adding those accessories to the preamp had minimal improvement over the M3X2 platform alone. I have older S series platforms on bottom two racks. I really can’t say if you will hear a noticeable improvement moving to the M3X2 platform from your E series. The E series look well made and I think any difference in sound depends on your current turntable. Some respond to this vibration control better than others. If you do decide to upgrade, I got a very good discount on the platforms from JS Audio in Bethesda, MD. They have them shipped directly from HRS or they may have a demo in house.
I have a Bardo on the Mx model escapes me but I think is in my system page. I think you are in the flat spot of Sonic return for $
With HRS, maybe so. Reading the comment above, HRS is only a little better "noticeable, not earth shattering" than a thick plank of wood (oak rack). When I put Townshend Pods under my turntable the improvement was like a whole component upgrade. Huge improvement in detail, tone and timbre, improved bass slam and extension, more 3D imaging and focus, with a lower noise floor for blacker backgrounds. This was compared to my DIY springs, which were better than much more expensive BDR Cones and Round Things. If I went from a piece of wood to Pods the difference would be staggering. So you might want to give Pods a shot. Or Podiums, depending on how you want to use the turntable.
I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who said it wasn’t earth shattering....

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you will do well with any number of great isolation products