How would you rate these 2 Channel amps

In which order would you rate the following amps from the era of pure HiFi before Home Theatre's advent,
Krell, Accuphase, Mark Levison, McIntosh,Counterpoint, Luxman,Hafler, you can add any in the top ten that I may have missed, also please give your opionions on thier preamps.
I am basically talking about solid state stereo amplifiers not Tube amps.
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SF6966, Pakistan
I have been around for quite a while and have listened to a lot of amps and currently am on my fifth Krell. and looking forward to gatting a 402 evo soon.
Jeff Roland, Classe', Threshold :-))
Krell and Levison are at a different level. Accuphase has had reliability issues in the past. the others are a step below.
Krell and Mark Levinson by far.
I agree on the Levinsons (golden era). Today's McIntosh amps are pretty darn nice. I was fairly blown away by a pair of MC501's last weekend at the dealer.
I fear there are real limits to the extent general answers to this very general question will be helpful. You simply have to listen to products from the different brands to know if they are going to please you in your system. For instance, several people have recommended Krell and Levinson, whereas I personally have never been very impressed with either company's products, and most especially not from a price/performance perspective. I emphasize that this is a reflection of my own taste. While I have found a considerable number people who share my views about these brands, the larger point is that someone could probably say exactly the same thing about the products of just about any respected Hi Fi company. You simply have no way of knowing what you will like before hearing it.
Only slight familiarity with one of these (Krell). There are too many other top end companies not listed hear. Newmanoc already said it best. You have got to seek out brands and try to audition if possible, preferably in your setup. This is the only way you'll know which "house" sound will make you happy. It's believe it's seldom easy to accomplish.
My situation is somewhat different from you guys, being in this corner of the world you do not have the luxury of being able to audition everything you want to, we are restricted by only what we come across. I presently have Accuphase power and preamp, Yamaha B-5 power and preamp, I have Denon power which I use with JBL XPL 200 and Yamaha NS 1000 speakers I have many other pieces of equipment.
I have just bought a Krell power and pre amp, a Luxman M-02 power , a Hafler 110 preamp and Vandersteen speakers from the US which will be shipped later this year, I am not in the same league as you guys, I cannot afford nor do I know much about the botique brands, I will stick to the mass producers, your help in suggesting some good makes and models will be very helpful as I still have time to make a few more purchases.
I am sorry for not being sensitive to your location in making my previous comment. Of course I see your point. But it sounds like even if it was hard to come by you have purchased some very nice equipment. Don't be turned off by my comments about Krell - my tastes run towards British gear, which has a very different sound. But without a doubt Krell has established itself as an outstanding brand it sounds like you are building a fine system.
I would recommend the Sanders ESL amp over any of the brands listed. There are many solid state amps still trying to get it right. In the past I've always been a firm supporter of good tube gear because none of the SS equipment could as effectively communicate the music's flow and ebb as well, until I heard the Sanders.

Take a listen to it if you get a chance, I know this will be tough where you reside, but if you come to Singapore, I could set you up for a listen.
I should have also mentioned here that I listen to mostly Hard rock, some Jazz and Bules.
The Sanders amp I mention has no problems with all kinds of music. Up to you. When I tried the amp, it was as if the door to the music was opened, and I was hearing lots of details, excellent depth and bass punch, and the timing of the music just flowed coherent from top to bottom.
CMK - what pre-amp are you using with the Sanders? txs
The preamp I am using is the Diva M7. You can find out more information about it here :
I'm not sure about availability where you are located, but Pass (and Threshold as mentioned before), SIM, and Plinius are top notch solid state gear.
A close cousin of the Sanders amp... I'm currently using an Innersound ESL amp with my Magneplanars. It was the predecessor to the Roger Sanders' current amp, and shares many similarities, including case & construction. Recommended!

Very clean & powerful. I use an Audible Illusions pre with mine.
I would like to chime in and second Cmk's recommendation of the Sanders ESL amplifier. When my CIAudio D*200s broke down 16 days into its 1st anniversary, I was crestfallen but an audio friend (thanks Alex!) highly recommended I hear these amps. My reply, "I've never heard of this brand!" Well, doubting Thomas as I was, I gave the amp a try in my setup (Bent Audio TAP silver TVC, Thiel 2.4s, Altmann Attraction DAC). After about 2 hours of warm up, I could not believe how effortlessly the Sanders handled complex dynamic music. It simply illuminated every musical instrument and singer, separated them and allowed each to shine. The bass was copacious but tight and firm. I did not even feel the need to turn my Subs "on". Transient attacks were hanled with absolute ease. The soundstage widened, deepened and heightened! The HF and midrange sparkled and had a musicality which hinted of the best of SETs. To say I was floored is an understatement! The Sanders never ran out of steam, was cool to the touch (literally). My music system never sounded so good! I can quite unequivocably say that the Sanders ESL amplifier is OUTSTANDING!