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why 3D Holographic sound
"I have speakers tilted up about 2""There's your problem. 
What is the best 2-way Magnepan ever made ?
I like the MG-10QR with small fast sub for smaller room like mine 14x17. just relax and enjoy the music. 
Best stereo recievers of the 1970's?
How about 73lbs. Fisher RS-1080 puts out a whopping 170wpc. I still have it in the closet. 
Lower outputs of CAL Alpha DAC ?
Great, Thank you very much. 
Review: Audio Research Corporation HD 220 Amplifier
Hello. Thanks for a good review but do you know they (AR) sell the power cord alone ? 
What equipment do you most regret parting with??
McIntosh MC502 (50wpc) and Celestion SL6si were in smaller room, wish never sold them. 
How would you rate these 2 Channel amps
Jeff Roland, Classe', Threshold :-)) 
Sealed Subwoofer Recommendation
DD 15 doesn't work then try this one: 
Room Treatment
Here they're: 
Do we believe in Machina Dynamics?
I do but they're expensive so I try a bowl full of marbles and put on my coffee table and boy the soundstage's bigger better instrument seperations ( the marbles must act like diffusors I guess ). Cheers. 
Best power cord for McIntosh MC 501 monoblocks
You don't need any more hardware upgrade just move the system out of that small room to a bigger one or down size your equipments. 
Too many components to turned on/off one by one?
Why turn them on off just leave them on as they're intended. 
Carpet or not
Heavy rug on the floor in front of speakers will be fine and it depends how lively your room is to how much acoustic treatment you needed. But first reflection points on side walls and ceilling should always be treated and corners bass traps as we... 
Are you at this point??
Sure, just don't listen to other systems and stop reading this site :-)) 
New CDP for $500?
The Music Hall CD-25's discontinued the new model is cd-25.2 but the Onix CD-99's the same unit from for only $399 and you can upgrade the opamp to OP627 yourself for ~$20 to make it better player. Good luck