How to ship BIG equipment at moderate cost?

I am moving from Missouri to Florida and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a cheap/safe way to move A/V equipment? I'll need to move a Runco 58 inch rear projection T.V., one pair of Martin Logan Odysseys, one pair of Martin Logan Scenarios, One ML Theater Center, and One Paradigm Servo 15 sub. I have all the original packaging except for the Runco T.V. The big name movers charge an arm and a leg to ship this kind of equipment along with house furniture etc. (Many charge per pound or say they need to construct special crates etc.) Are there any independant companies out there that can do it safely for less? At the very least I'll need to find a way to ship the Odysseys and the Runco.
I've had good luck with Roadway.
I recently shipped a large digital piano from Seattle to Boston and was very happy with BAX Global. Their price was far better than UPS or FedEx, didn't have the size limitations and the service was very good.

The only limitation is that, as a result of 9/11 considerations they would pick up only at a business address, not from a home. I brought to boxed piano to the loading dock at work and they made the pickup from there.
You may also wish to check out airport to airport shipping using the major airlines or freight carriers. I wish I could remember the details (i.e., specific carrier), but I received a pair of 130 lb amps that way and it worked quite well. The downsides: You need to crate the equipment, you need to drive it to the airport freight area and you need to pick it up at the other airport freight area. Plus, you need to do some research in the yellow pages since my memory is failing me. Sorry about that, but I believe that's a pretty inexpensive way to go. Gotta admit, BAX and Roadway sound easier, but if you're interested in another option ...
Forward Air for airport to airport, and if you call their offices they usually have someone that will deliver the item locally for a modest fee. I ship and will continue to ship lots of items with them, usual rates are about 37 cents a pound for the Cont U.S., with a 45 dollar minumum, no matter the amount of packages, 55 foot maximum length I beleive is what the told me, so I don't know of any speaker makers with that large an ego yet. Great outfit though.
...It’s called a van!

No, but seriously... BAX global is awesome. Boxes in pristine condition, competitive rates. Some might be a little cheaper, but what is your peace of mind worth?
I second (or third) the BAX Global recommendation, but the above is true...they don't pick up from residential addresses anymore...only commercial.
Rent a U-Haul and have a going away packing party and take them with you. Lock the back of the truck with a very large padlock.
Thanks for your replies. I think I'll give BAX global a try!