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Upsampling the way to go? ?
I am biased as I own the Delius and Purcell however dCS does have some good information on their web stie. dCS White PapersCheers, Dan 
How to ship BIG equipment at moderate cost?
Rent a U-Haul and have a going away packing party and take them with you. Lock the back of the truck with a very large padlock. 
Specifications Bandwidth: 19 Hz - 25 kHz ...?
The measurements are pretty useless.Keep in mind +/- 3db can mean up 3 db at 100 HZ and down 3 db at 150 Hz resulting in an overall change of 6 db in 50 Hz but it's still within published specs. You will hear this in the midrange. As a general rul... 
Something looks weird about this auctions?
There are two bids on the Dynaudio stuff. This could be a problem for the two bidders. - Dan 
What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???
Have to second Nak. They made some really great decks. - Dan 
CD-R's suddenly "unreadable".
News Flash: The RIAA has developed and secretly deployed new Satellite Technology capable of emitting low level radiation that effectively wipes out all CD-R's - when asked about this the RIAA said that recent laws passed by Congress allow the RIA... 
Highly Polished wire????
Hmmm Interesting... Also from Silver Audio's website.."Silver Audio is therefore thrilled to offer the solder-less, TopLine WBT locking RCA connector as an option for the 4.0s and 6.0s. WBT is universally regarded as the Rolls Royce of Audio conne... 
Highly Polished wire????
Trelja, Thanks again for the informative post. I went and looked at Audio Notes web site and I noticed they sell 99.99% wire. Yet there are those here and on other sites that insist that a higher purity wire is the best like 99.999 or 99.9999. Wha... 
Highly Polished wire????
Trelja, I am very impressed with that post. So if you were to get some fine silver wire, would you polish it? With what and then how would you clean it after polishing. You wouldn't happen to have a SEM handy would you .. :-)- Dan 
Why the lack of interest in Accuphase?
Bob, Acutually this was a leading question. I am the proud owner of a new A-50V which was purchased at an authorized dealer and I got a nice discount (in my opinion). However I am highly suspect of statements like those of Glassboy (no offence int... 
Highly Polished wire????
OK say we do polish with a rouge, wouldn't by the act of polishing embed even more particles of the rouge into the metal. High purity copper and Silver are not the hardest metals on earth. Seems that the only way to polish would be to chemically t... 
Why the lack of interest in Accuphase?
Glassboy, Could you point me to a web site that sells Accuphase in Japan that will ship the US. Could you also elaborate on the conversion process.- Dan 
Cal Alpha DAC v.s. Audio Note 1.1
You have had problems getting it fixed - really? I have had my CAL Delta back to CAL a couple of times for tune ups and have had no problems whatsoever. Also the Alpha can be upgraded to 24/96 from the factory, so I am a little surprised that CAL ... 
buzzzzz, where did i go wrong?
Maybe you should take the preamp to a friends house and see if it does the same thing.... - Dan 
buzzzzz, where did i go wrong?
Hi Sean, Actually when I said, "salt" I did not mean it that way I should have said electrochemical. The company that I have found that does this stuff grounds substations, towers and the like. Their system has a lifetime of fifty years and only r...