How to ship albums?

I am about to sell 340 60's/70's Rock LP's.Can someone inform me as to a shipping method,carton,box or container? Where might I get them?
You can order LP shipping boxes from Bags Unlimited, not to mention tons of other LP related things: replacement inner sleeves, outer jackets for protecting LP jackets, etcetera.
You'll find them on line.
The small box from U-Haul is the perfect size and will hold about 110 albums. Ship via USPS and be sure to ask for their "media rate". It'll cost about $1.50 for the box and about $25 to ship a boxful of records.

If you're planning selling them separately, than bags unlimited is the way to go.

Please place the record outside the jacket. Preferably have a jacket plastic sleeve as well if you want to preserve jacket good. Place your record between extra two cardboards bellow and above. A pieces of bublewrap will also be a-plus.

If you're shipping in bundles of many many use either a piece of cardboard between records or bublewrap. Keep record out of jacket as well. Make sure your package is full and firm. If not think of something to fill or cut the box appropriately.

Bare in mind that 360 12" records would yield approximately 70lB.