How do you store your albums

I just had a nice collection of albums dropped in my lap. Over 40 MF Original Master recordings, misc half speed recordings and many other albums in perfect condition. The covers and albums are near new, many only played a few times then recorded to cassette tape. Should they be stored in plastic etc. and should I look to have insured. I don't think most are worth more than $50.00 but from what I could find several are worth $100's. Thanks for your ideas.
First of all, LPs are worth far LESS than you think. I'd suggest you are dreaming when you believe you have many albums worth hundreds of dollars each. By way of example, the "collectible/rare" LP you buy from a second-hand record shop at $50-100 can be resold to the store for only $5-10. That's reality. BUT... the same records are worth a LOT more to you and to me because they are wicked cool, sound great, and are artwork. With respect to storage, store them intact in their outer jacket in LP plastic sleeves (available readily) and always vertically. Don't lay them flat. The installation of a built-in LP storage cabinet by a quality woodworker craftsman looks stunning in the home.
For Mobile Fidelity the prior posters comments do not apply. The special releases are selling at very high prices here and on eBay. For common records the 'overvalued' remarks are totally right on.
Yes use some sleeves to protect the covers. I buy .5 mil sleeves from Sleeve city and about 70% of my Lps have external sleeves.
Insurance is a scam. If you MUST have the thing and cannot afford to replace it no matter what, then you need insurance. If you can handle a possible loss without becoming a pauper, skip insurance.. IMO. (half the time they will not pay the full loss amount anyway, and you pay them a good portion of the loss in advance!)Insurance companies make plenty, they are not in it for you.
Since others have given invaluable advice in regard to record storage, I have nothing to add; however I am interested in purchasing Jazz LP's, top condition of course.
Thanks for the responses. I'll look for a cool book case and pick up the sleeves. The MF's really are cool and sound great!!
You should clean the records and put them in MoFi inner sleeves. Outer sleeves protect the covers from wear and tear. The Ikea Expedit bookcase is superb for record storage, the records fit in the cube spaces perfectly and the case is incredibly sturdy and stable.
Two words...IKEA Expedit.
The albums all have their original MoFi inner sleeves and cardboard inner protector and all that I have inspected so far are perfect, no dirt no scratches, like they have never been played. One of them is a box set "Crime of the Century", I think it's called something like UHQD?? I have an Ikea close so I'll take a look. Thanks!!