Rush albums sound quality

I've been a long time Rush fan and as time has passed I've been able to buy a better system.
The thing is that I've realizaed that even Rush remastered cd's soun very bad, poor instrument separation, Geddy's voice sounds bad, etc.

I know it's not my system because other cd's sound great, from Dream Theater to Miles Davis.

Any one agrees ?
Check this out-

Interesting article.
I also found Rush studio recordings to be very compressed and without dynamics. I actually enjoy their live recordings better. Also, the better your system becomes its easier to hear the problem recordings. You also have to think about whether your listening to your system or the music. Thats a concept I struggle with constantly.
Thanks for the link, indeed very interesting article which also gives a more technical approach to the matter.

Do you think the label is aware of this ?, I doubt, or maybe, as the article says, they just want to please the mass.

I hope some day I can listen to one of my all time favorite band like it deserves.
My LP 'Moving Pictures'sounds incredible.
Easily one of the better sounding LP's I have.
Of course if you actually read the article the author states is their last album that doesn't sound great(it's not that hot musically either)and he states that their other CD's sound good.
Both points I agree with.
The remasters sound fine.
When did Geddy's voice EVER sound good?
Man I love Rush , well , from Moving Pictures on. Geddy relaxed his vocals from about Signals on and produced some 3 - d musical construction for just 3 guys but those recordings were in fact terrible. I agree with KRV though . The remasters were an improvement but still bad. Zep is releasing their latest on DVD A . Maybe someday we can get something remastered in a hi rez format. Dont hold your breath though.
WOW, finally someone who likes THE SAME MUSIC AS ME!
Dream Theater and Rush! COOL!
What difference will a high resolution format make when it seems to be the opinion that the original recordings were terrible?
I think the remasters sound every bit as good as the original vinyl.
I believe one Rush album is scheduled to be released in hi-rez this fall. I forget the web site, but it has extensive listings and reviews of DVD-A and SACD.
Ben you are right of course but Iwould simply hope something positive could be done to improve them to the level the music deserves.
October 21, 2003 SACD Releases

Rush - 2112 (5.1 Surround Sound Version) (Universal Chronicles)

Rush - All The World's A Stage (Universal Chronicles)

Rush - Caress Of Steel (Universal Chronicles)

Rush - Fly By Night (Universal Chronicles)

Rush - Rush (Universal Chronicles
Gosh,no 'Moving Pictures' release?
I would be surprised if any remaster would sound as good as my 50 cent (non-audiophile) LP of 'Moving Pictures'As I mentioned above,it sounds incredible and easily is one of the better sounding LP's I have.
In fact,I use it as a reference and to show off my rig.:~) Tom Sawyer! YEAH!!
Would love to know where Maxcast got the information on the SACD releases? All that I am aware of is a DVD in dolby digital 5.1 titled RUSH in Rio which comes out on the 21st of October. There is no mention of the other CDs being released in SACD format. I am getting my information form the bands website Please correct me if I am wrong.
I am not a rush fan, I am a RUSH FREAK and I have to say that Moving pictures is one of my audition cds as well as counterparts. I think the production and sound quality from a rock band is great! Vapour Trails may not be the most polished album I've heard but I think it is a reflection of the energy in the band.It is certainly a great test for any system.If it is in fact true that Rush will be available on SACD the divorce will be finalized cause I'll have to buy a player the day of the release!!
I remeber seeing Rush in '76 I think - they were touring A Farewell to Kings. Thanks for bringing back the memories. Will have to look into getting some Rush.
I agree foxtrot. I am a major Rush fan and have a seious system. Most of the recordings do sound pretty bad. I am pretty happy with the Rio cd. My only complaint is that Alex did not mix himself in at as high a level as I heard him at two Chicago venues. I find Rush music more stisfying when Alex's guitar is at the forefront. And how about O Baterista! The solo was awesome on my subwoofers capable of 20 Hz.
I was at one time a big Rush fan circa Moving Pictures, Grace Under Pressure, Signals etc. The major problem with them as a recording group was the high degree to which the band's recordings were compressed. As a recording engineer I can say that they were at least at a 3:1 ratio upon mastering by listening alone. This quite effectively cut the highs and lost much of the dynamic punch between the drums and bass, which in fact were fabulous when you saw and heard them play live (I did twice). Blame Lee, their engineers and their producers (I did and still do).
Anyone know if the Rush SACD's ever came out?
Were they supposed to?
Check out
That's good news boldstrummer. I'll be seeing the latest concert next Saturday at the Tweeter Center just south of Chicago. Alex' court date is after this concert so I won't have to worry about him being in the clink.
I'm pretty sure I'll get to party with the band afterwards. I e-mailed with suggestions for better sound quality and bringing Alex to the forefront of the mix. My chances to meet with the band are about 1 in 50,000 so I'm pretty hopeful. It's my best chance yet.
Thing is, these SACDs were to come out in 2003! Does anyone know whether the release date was rescheduled or the project was just cancelled?
Hello Steve, Signals is dull (lack of dynamics) due to the fact that it is a digital recording (JVC). It´s a pity as it´s one of their finest albums (musically).Their next effort Grace under Pressure must also be a digital due to dull sound again ? It also is dull and gray (musically) like the cover.
Luckily Moving Pictures is opposite, very dynamic and musically their best IMO. Their obviously were using best gear available in 1981, is it a digital production ? Permanent Waves is quite lame (dynamically) to my senses, is it a digital recording as well ?  Their biggest mistake was dealing with new digital technology at the time IMHO.
From Moving Pictures on I find their catalog rewarding in sound. I have a few 20 bit re  masters that sound very very good but most of my Rush is on vinyl up to Show of Hands or Force Ten which ever was released last. After Moving Pictures the vinyl are original pressings which helps sound wise because Rush was a marginal act until Moving Pictures exploded forcing Mercury to re  release the catalog in abundance. As far as their digital recordings I use a MM cartridge which helps in the upper register making them sound very analog. I find Rush recordings from Moving Pictures on superb.