How to replace blown paper cones in KEF's

I have a pair of 1989 KEF 104/2 speakers with 2 blown paper cones in each speaker. What can I do to fix these? Can I just buy some new subwoofers from an audio store to put in? Also does anyone know the purpose of the metal rod inside the speakers.
There are people out there who re-cone speakers. I would do a 'google' search and try to find the service online. I live in the SE Michigan area, and know of a local person who re-cones speakers...her nick name is JBL Judy. Or, you could call/write Kef and purchase new speakers from them. I have a pair of Kef Ref 3-2. Each speaker has two bass speakers mounted internal, one fires up, the other down. Mounted either in tension or compression and between the pair of internal bass speakers is what Kef calls a 'force canceling rod'. Does your 104/2 speakers have this type of bass speaker arrangement? If yes, the 'rod' is suppose to keep excessive resonence frequency at bay. If you pull the 'rod' yourself, make note how it was installed, and how tight it was from the factory.
dont even think of just getting any old woofer from a store to replace your blown woofers,you will most likely not be happy with the results.

you should be able to get both of your woofers rebuilt pretty cheap,you should be able to find a rebuilder in your area,just call around to some local guitar shops in your area & chances are they can refer you to a rebuilder.

if you are near detroit i can recomend a very good rebuilder.

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