How to integrate SONY TA-P9000ES to Home Theater

My current HT system - Lexico MC1/NT512, Aerial 10T, SW12,CC3. Recently, I just bought SONY TA-9000ES and like to integrate to my HT for possible auido input such as SACD.
Please advise.
Pretty basic. Hook the outputs of the TAP9000 to the NT512. Hook the MC1 Outputs to the 5.1 Bypass Input of the TAP9000. Hook your Multichannel SACD or DVDA to Input1 or 2. The 5.1 bypass is very clean and that is how the system works with the power off. Use a test disc to set analog channel levels on the TAP 9000. You do need 18 interconnects for the above.

Actually, I'm scrapping my DC1 / TAP9000 Processor Preamp system and going with the Anthem AVM 20 Prepro. Less boxes, still tastes great.

You run the preouts from the MC1 into the TAP's HT bypass input. Switch TAP to HT bypass mode for HT. When the TAP goes to sleep the HT bypass mode is engaged. Now for SACD you just run your RCA out from the DVD player into either input 1 or input 2 on the TAP. Switch to the appropriate input on the TAP for sound. Thats the short version.