Sony DVP9000es Audio Settings

Switching back and forth between attn. on/off makes a big change in my system. I wonder if this is why the 9000 gets some bad reviews? The filter is more subtle. I am using EVS atenuators and the diffence is amazing when the units attn. setting is on.
Can you elaborate? How do you get to this menu and which setting do you prefer?
On the remote,push the display button and scoll down to setup. Enter the audio settings and try changing them around. I have found that the attn. on works the best for me. The filter settings do not make as much difference. In the owners manuel on page 60 there is a description what the settings do.

Have fun

To Flemke: Where have you found bad review? I have found many great ones, most of them in fact, where are the bad ones?
I could not find bad review too, this is why I bought it and ever since I'm feel sorry for my gullibility, stupidity.
Sometimes I think that most of this rave reviews come form people promoting SONY.
What honest review Read review from 17th March,
I found the Audio ATT (Attenuation) OFF and FILTER Sharp the most faithful setting for the 9000ES. The music sounds the most dynamic, flesh-out, and sweetest. This refers to the ModWright 9000ES with Level III Mod + tube output stage.
Paul bui
You are talking about a completly different machine. Those of you using a stock 9000es try attn off and on. Do you hear a change? I do not use a pre amp.,just attenuators and it's quite a big change.
Attenuation on "lowers the level of the analog audio outputs to prevent distortion" according to a review of the DVP-N999ES I read. This setting does not sound good on the 9000ES I use. Sounds lifeless and, not suprisingly, muted. My machine is stock (not for long though) and I also use the sharp/att off settings. It is nice though to have the option to fine tune it to what works best in one's own system.

Sorlowski, I've read many of your posts regarding your remorse at buying the Sony and I hope you've found something that you are satisfied with. Let it go man, we've all made puchases we regret. Life is too short to let a DVD player eat at your brain.
I was talking about a SONY DVP-S9000ES, modded or stock. Witness Pilar whose findings are the same with that of mine (SHARP/ATT OFF).
>Life is too short to let a DVD player eat at your brain.
It is not that bad, especially that Service so far is not able to repair it :) (but they will, I know :) ) so I do not have possibility to compare it with old CD any more, and do not get frustrated any more too, but unfortunately I get when I read rave posts about it knowing that there are hundreds better players IMHO.
Any other player did not get that much positive attention here (3 threads on this page!!!-why is that). And knowing how it sounds how reliable it is I'm getting frustrated and I feel I have to respond to warn others. Just my 2 cents.

I hope you get a satisfactory resolution to this matter.
Sorlowski it's nice to see that you have maintained a good sense of humor. I've only had my 9000ES for a couple of weeks and I will admit that while the Redbook comes up a little short of adequate, SACD is not bad and the DD/DTS is great.

I enjoy modifying equipment and I bought this unit for its build quality as well as the multitude of modifications that are available for it. I just can't wait to sink another $1,200 into it so I can sell it in a year for $600. :)
good sense of humor it is all what left to me, I just got to know that local service would be able to repair it for .... $600 (parts + work),
so a lot of peoples this days have sense of humor :) (is not this true that value of all parts constitute 1/5 of the MSRP ?, so how two parts could cost $450 + $150 work = $600)
I will try SONY service they would not repair it on warranty but at least they have flat rate $132. At least it is what I was told.
I do not understand SONY anymore!

I was trying to persuade SONY rep over the phone to repair my 9000 on warranty (I do not have invoice) to no effect, even serious talk with his supervisor did not changed a thing.
So I gave up and decided to take advantage of their flat rate ($132).
To my astonishment after living it for repair, service woman base on serial number (this is what I was asking for SONY rep by phone few times) established that unit is on warranty, she was not even interested in invoice!!!
So, summing up I have it working and did not pay for it. Why they are so inconsistent???
Tough unbending non-cooperative by phone nice understanding in person ?

Just a huge inefficient corporation. I am happy that you received the Warranty attention you deserve.

I will be curious to see how you like your sony, now.
Happy for you!