Sony DVP9000es lock up problem ?

I am having problems wirh my sony 9000 es, it locks up from time to time when playing cd's and dvd, it freezes up for a couple of seconds from time to time, I know its not the discs, because they work fine in my other dvd player, dealer has no answers, is anyone else experiecing this, thanks
Never had that problem with the 9000ES, only on older players when trying a new DVD (probably a dual layer disc). The only problem I had with my 9000ES was with the new Superbit DVDs (see my older post on this). But this was a disc problem (dust on the disc), not the player. You might try calling Sony. The warranty should cover it.
I was having problems with discs skipping or freezing up in my Sony ( non DVP 9000 ) DVD player even though they play fine in another unit. I cleaned the lens and everything went back to normal. While this might not solve your problem, it is a quick and simple thing to try. Sean
I don't have a 9000es...but I have a Sony Playstation 2....I'm not comparing the two....but It sounds alot like the problem that I have had.....I called Sony and the PS2 had an auto-diagnostic function...this function reads the disc before you play it and angles the laser to read in the most efficient way....I don't know if the 9000es has this function ...but it cleared up my problems....Chris