How to make Sony DVP9000ES play Hybrid sacd layer

My dvp9000es won't play the sacd layer on any hybrids it will play the disc in regular mode....but the sacd light out of the six lights won't come comes on if i play a sacd only disc.
What is going on?
Sounds like your laser is going out. This is a common problem with these players
It plays sacd "native" discs but not the sacd hybrid layer discs so whats that got to do with the laser?
*It plays sacd "native" discs but not the sacd hybrid layer discs*

Mine is doing the same thing. Also, mine stopped playing most DVD's all the way thru, it "locks up" after a time.

I doubt, at the used price DVP9000ES's are going for, that it's worth getting it fixed.....I'm enjoying mine for playing sacd "native" discs for as long as it lasts.....
According to the Sony Support Site, fixed rate repair of a DVPNS9000ES is $126 plus tax. It might be worth it to you to repair the unit if you think it is broken. Here's a link to the site where I checked the repair price:


In this ad the seller says the DVPNS9000ES was not designed to play hybrid SACD. You might be out of luck....

My 999ES Sony does the same thing and its the laser. I also have mods by Modwright and the laser repair was recommended by Dan Wright
My Sony DVP S9000ES certainly plays hybrid SACD, so I suspect all are supposed to do so. I sent my unit to Sony Laredo when it quite playing SACDs, and it came back working perfectly and sounding better than it ever had. Sony service is a real bargain IMO.

Before you send it in for repair, try to re-calibrate first. There was a thread years ago showing you how to do that but it was deleted. Fortunately, I have saved a copy.

It was originally posted by the member sfstereo so I can't take credit here.

BTW, I had followed the instruction and it did work for me.

Here is Sfstereo's original post:


I have the same problem with my 9000ES and I was able to fix it tonight by recalibrating the laser. I bought a service CDROM and it provides instruction for recalibarating.

When the unit is in power off status with the power button push in, press the following buttons on the remote in this order:
title, clear, power

This will bring you to the service menu on your tv display.
select item 1 - auto adjustment

Then select 0 - ALL and it be prepare to follow the displayed instructions. You will need the following kinds of disks:

DVD - Single layer
DVD - Dual layer
SACD - not hybrid

I had to use a couple of each kind of disk. It kept aborting the test until I found SACD disk that it would play but once it plays the disk, it will store the calibrated value in an EPROM.
It takes about 15-20 minutes and now all my hybird SACD work just fine.
Does the OP have the DVPS9000ES? Or the DVPNS9000ES? The first has a Sony Flat Rate Program repair cost of $212.00, the 2nd is $126. (Frankly I don't know what the DVPNS9000ES is?).