How to improve my system : Shunyata Hydra ?

I hope someone can give me a few hints or things to consider !
My system consists of Krell KAV-300iL, cd player Cary 306/200, speakers Avalon Opus Ceramique and the cabling is entirely from NBS Omega I (interconnect and speaker cable) except for powerchords, which are NBS Monitor IV with Furutech rhodium plugs.
The speaker cable is new and replaces the Nordost Valhalla I had previously. The Valhalla was nice, but I had the impression that it was - to borrow a comment from someone else - a "bass thief". So I decided to buy the NBS without having the chance to audition it. It has got now roughly 150-200 hours, but it is nowhere near compared to the detail and imaging provided by the Valhalla. And the Valhalla were louder, perhaps due to the low impedance. I spoke with NBS and they were surprised. Is the mating with the Krell so bad ? My question is how long should I wait for the NBS to open up or what is causing the problems ?
I'm wondering if getting a power conditioner such as Hydra-6 + Python Alpha or Hydra-8 + Python is going to help me. Should I take the plunge and buy Shunyata's Hydra or not ?If yes, what model (Hydra-6 or 8) would work best with my set-up (I don't need more than 6 outlets) ? Unfortunately I cannot audition the Shunyata... Any recommendation or ideas ?
cheers and thank you for any comments which might help me to overcome a bit my frustration.
Not sure if I am following all you are saying. However if you have 150 to 200 hours on your cables I would think they are at least 90 percent open to what you will be hearing.
Adding a L.C. is NOT going to change what you described.
Anyway, I would consider dedicated lines before a L.C. You will be impressed more so with this then a L.C. to start.
I am not saying a L.C. is not beneficial but we all have a tendency to do this the opposite way it should be done. I do not own the NBS cables but I have heard them and I also am a little surprised on what you are saying.
Hope someone else has a direct answer for you.
I don't think you should do anything without being in a position to trial the item. I don't believe that the Shunyata Hydra would help open up the sound or restore missing dynamics - as much as I admire the company and their technology. You could try changing the power outlets as a fairly cheap mod - some Pass and Seymour, Acme or Porter Ports.

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Tha valhalla is not a bass thief, but like anything it requires some system matching. The valhalla is very airy and detailed, but is certainly not the king when it comes to dynamics. You may want to try harmonix interconnects. They are monsterouly dynaamic, very detailed, but you will most likely loose a little air. Buy them used, and if you don't like them you can alwasy resell them. I have also owned a Hydra. It will not provide you with better dynamics. It will perhaps drop the noise floor of your system and provide a slight liquidity and ease when can be quite present. For dynamics, I prefer to not use power conditioning and use good power cords.
First of all sell Krell and buy Plinius 9200. You won't need any further upgrades.

First and foremost you
might think of upgrading to a dedicated BX wiring that is shielded and used for dryers(in the normal world). Also using cryoed breakers and outlets makes a huge difference to a ss amp that is able to draw 20 amps. The question concerning the cable break in should be at least 200hours before you judge and possilbly 400 hours depending on the cable. I would do the power update before I considered any other change to the system. I also would only buy products that have a return policy if you can't audition before you buy. Power is a fundemental that shouldn't be ignored -Dennis
Hello all
thank you all for your replies. I'm aware my mail is not the easiest to tackle and can be truly confusing at times.

First, why did I change to NBS ? I heard a system entirely on NBS Monitor III with Pass and Avalon Opus Ceramique and it was just magic. As for my set-up, the Valhalla speaker cable was great, but I had the impression that "body" was missing, it was thin at times. But then it was very detailed, louder and had very good imaging. I was told that NBS Omega I would top the Valhalla in every aspect, better imaging, more body, so I took my chances and went for a new 10 ft NBS Omega I.

Browsing the other answers, I guess your two replies are the ones that I'll have to contemplate; as for the other replies, I already have a dedicated power line, so a first important step was taken, but I think Shunyata could improve things further while helping out with my real issue. Given the various Hydras they sell, one of my questions was which model would be best for me.

What should I do ? I guess I'll have to first talk to NBS as my interconnect is their brand they sell to Central Europe ("NBS Active"), which should be the same as Omega line (?), and the speaker cable I bought directly from a certified NBS dealer in the US. I just want to rule out any "compatibility issue" between the NBS cables, although I would be very surprised !!! Once that is ruled out, the answer could well be yours, Jkuc, to ditch the amplifier as the mating of amp/speaker cable/speaker might be the answer. As NBS works well with Avalon, the answer must be the amplifier, right ?

If you heard a similiar system to yours though in a different room, I don't think the differences you heard were a result cables. To many other variables.

On your question whether to switch to Shunyata over NBS, my advise goes as follows. First off, I will let you know upfront that I have not auditioned the Shunyata line so I can not tell you whose products are better. However I do believe you may not have chosen the correct model for the level of performance you are seeking. As stated on NBS webpage choosing the right model is a crucial to reaching that the ultimate performance level from your system. And here is what I experienced with NBS cables. The NBS Monitor IV is a better cable then your stock cable, although I have found that the Monitor IV is vague on mid-high frequency detail, the bass is not as tight compared to the higher models in the Monitor line. But NBS cables are known for their ability to release the harmonic textures within the music. This is what I experienced when I first switched over to NBS. But you know all of this since you have switched over all interconnects and power cables. My advice for your system is to start looking at the Monitor II level power cable or the Omega III. Both cables are on the warm and organic side of neutral, however they are open, with lots of air, and you will get that added dynamics and sparkle you seek. Oh, last thing experiment with placement, I found that you have to listen to each arrangement of cables before you can get the most from your system. For example I use a combination of power cables in my system and I found that the highest quality AC cable should be placed at the beginning of your system (i.e. source components CD player or turntable) and go from there.

My system:
Brinkmann Pre & Amp
Brinkmann Amati Speakers
Oracle turntable
Theta Transport/DAC
Cables: NBS Omega III & IV / Monitor II and Heavens Gate Ultra Silence/ Silver Signature power cables.
Interconnects Xtreme X5s

Best Regards
Hi Aaron,
in the meantime Walter from NBS identified the issue with the powerchords Monitor IV and said that they were not up to the NBS Omega I I'm using as interconnect & speaker cables. I guess he will say that the best would be to buy Omega I as powerchord. You seem to say that if I go down this route, I should get it for the CD player rather than for the amp.
I'm wondering if Omega III can do the trick as well (but not Omega II) or, as you suggested, Monitor II. What hurts me (and my pocket) is to contemplate replacing my 2 Monitor IV powerchords... Or what other cable could help me ? I noticed you have Heavens Gate. What about them ?
My original plan with Shunyata was to keep the Monitor IV and just plug them into the Hydra-6 (or Hydra-8) and get the Python Alpha from the wall to Hydra. I thought that could help, but in reality the issue with NBS and Shunyata are not really related to each other.
As I did not win the jackpot, I will have to replace the powerchords first and then - further down the line - consider Shunyata and not the other way around.
Cenline, where do you buy the cryoed breaker? I saw the ad for cryoed breaker one time but don't remember exactly who sell it. Please let me know