How to choose a good fiber optic cable??

Does anyone have a handle on the science of what factors determine a good fiber optic cable for audio? I'd like to make use of both digital inputs on the Dlink III and recognize that the fiber input has more jitter than coax. What would the checklist of features be to get the best possible outcome out of a fiber optic interconnect purchase?
Glad you asked:

I have personally used this cable and it came highly recommended from a prominent audio reviewer as well. It replaced a $500.00 "whoop-de-do" type of cable.It is polished glass not plastic!

Do not be dissuaded by the price. This cable is used in famous branded cables which sell for $$$$.

The 6' cable if needed is $19.00
I read this link from another A'gon'r long ago, and I found it to be massively informative and really interesting. I re-post it here because I think it will help:
And WOW that is the best price I have seen on a glass cable EVER!
Thanks tom6897! I use this for computer audio so ordered the 12' length, prefer my PC hardware to be distanced from the audio electronics. Replacing the USB cable to the Vlink last night opened my eyes on how the off the shelf cables I've been using may be causing some of the problems I have been blaming on the amplifier so this is definitely an inexpensive way to find out.
Tom6897 - How flexible are these glass cables? I use "plastic' fiber optic cables now because of their flexible qualities. I would nuch rather buy these, provided they can bend somewhat. Thanx.
Glass is best but I've never heard a toslink that could stand up to a decent SPDIF cable.
I bought a half dozen from uniqueproducts..
The only issue is a high initial shipping fee. So just buying one makes it a little more expensive. So I bought a half dozen.
They are good Optical cables.
Coressence: The glass toslink is flexible but dont get crazy with any sharp bends. A gentle "C" or "S" shape will suffice. Do not step on them either. Only buy as much as you need measure carefully. Great for HDTV audio out cable.
Since I don't have any audio equipment I can use fiber with, I was wondering what types of connectors and fiber is used with audio gear. Is it similar to data as in 62.5 or 50 micron? I figure it must be since it's so readily available. If you're concerned about bend radius, just get armored fiber and you won't be able to exceed the bend radius.
For what it's worth, I tried one of those uniqueproducts cables. I got it on ebay and paid $29 for it shipped and that was a deal. It blew the $80 cable that I got at my local boutique shop out of the water with more detail and better mids. I will be ordering more.

I'm sure that there are better out there, but I don't know about them and ignorance can be bliss.
Great recommendation Tom6897. Thank you!
I was told by many to try the Lifatec optical cables....i really like what i hear, although I have not compared them to anything else.
Anyone try these?
thanks for the suggestion on the uniqueproducts glass toslink. i ordered one sunday night and it arrived on tuesday at noon. got to like that. hooked it up to my emotiva erc-1 cd player to mf v-dac and it sounds as good as some of my 200 to 300 dollar cables. great value and there are some other interesting products on their catalogue.
Glad to be of help. Enjoy!