How suitable Hologram II biwire are for B&W N803?

I have read a lot that saying the AZ's Hologram II Biwire
would be better suit for 2way speakers and as for those
3ways like my B&W N803, better use mono runs of the cable
with jumpers.
I've also read that AZ's Mr.Robert Lee designed the
Hologram II Biwire specificaly for 3way speakers other than the original Hologram biwire for 2way only.
confusion...and need help.
when I had N802's I bi-wired using separate runs of Holo II for the bottom and Satori for the top, sounded really good.
Thanks, Arthursmuck.
But my PASS X250 doesn't have two sets of binding post,
You think I should go "back" to Hologram II mono run,
or even the beloved Satori single wire?
You might look into their shotgun cables. I just know I preferred bi-wire with B&W's, not so with my current speakers, but if I went back to a pair of B&W's I'd be looking to bi-wire them. YMMV of course.
My N803 sound best with Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun speker cables. I tried many different cables bi-wire and single run. Bi-wire works better than single run with these speakers, but shotgun run is the way to go with these speakers.
Thanks Audiophile1.
I am now doing exact what you suggested:
The AZ's Satori shotgun and I can say they are the SAVIOUR!
Glad to hear that! They are really good. I also use AZ Matrix Reference MkII interconnects. These are every bit as good as everyone says and are an excellent match for the Satori cables in terms of speed and dynamics. Very smooth, which is important with the N803.